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San Francisco
It's hard to be just one person...
Interests: listening to music, sleeping, moonlight, baking cookies, reading, writing, god, house md, psych, greek, torchwood, primeval, lie to me, glee, there's a lot... i work at a theatre, the hypnodrome. and i volunteer at the spca, but i miss sandra 'cause she left. :( i go to school (shocker, isn't it?) and i have lots of freak-ay friendies... i am the proud feeder of a stubborn and independent female chinchilla named dumpling. i like to spend my time drawing, hatin' on my math teacher, acting stupid, working at the theatre, spending time with animals, messing around on the computer, watching my favorite tv shows*, terrorizing closed-minded people, eating pineapples, hanging out with my loco friends, walking in high-heels, chillin' in my awesome ex-math teacher's classroom, and being me. *doctor who, secret life of the american teenager, and monk.
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Nov 11, 2009