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Thank you for the last 10 years, Wil. I started reading around the time you were pondering your 30th birthday, so slightly less than a year after you started the blog. I have been a daily visitor and sometime commenter (you even replied to one of my comments once and it *totally* made my month/day/year). Your followers have "watched" your family grow up and felt the pride and love you have for them. We have seen you grow from a novice blogger to the accomplished writer you have become. And we have lived the excitement of seeing your acting career rise again, but on your terms and in roles you have carefully selected. I started reading this blog because I was a Star Trek fan, I kept reading because you wrote about interesting and engaging topics. I have been introduced to many books, games, television shows and films I would never have even considered sampling but for your recommendations. I would not have gotten excited and made stuff, even if it was just experimenting with new recipes while making dinner. Reading your blog has made me a better sci-fi fan and a more rounded person. TL;DR Thanks for being just this guy, you know.
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Z for Zachariah was one of my very first Sci-Fi books as well. My 7th grade English teacher had a great love of YA Sci-Fi. She introduced me to the Heinlein juveniles which sent me running to the school library for McCaffrey, Herbert, Norton, Asiamov, Bradbury and many others. I read Stranger In a Strange Land when I was 16 and it changed my life. It was recommended to my by a (very liberal)librarian at my high school. Thank you librarians everywhere!
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