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Interests: swimming
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ありがとぉ!かなり遅くなりましたが。。 こんなにいろいろ教えて くれてあたしゃうれしいよ! 写真超見たいーー!!
Yesterday I was walking on the street and suddenly think how it would be nice to be waken up by sound of electric pot boilding water, istead of an annoying alarm, and in the evening on the radio I heared of such pot which you can set up a time of boilding water in advance. It was so nice to dream of something and then recognize that it really exists. Continue reading
The first song that comes into my mind when I think about risk is this one. I like its biginning. Look, if you had one shot, or one oportunity to seize everything you ever wanted- One moment, Would you capture it or just let it slip? Continue reading
I've been takinkig intensive three weeks summer courses of English.Two weeks has already passed.Mainly it's based on conversation.At the biginnig I was told that there would 7 to 9 people. Althogh, there are only 6 of us, which was better, of course. Usually we have talking lessons with polish teacher and once in a week we have conversation lessons with native speaker.Last week we had a lesson with such question, "If there were 10 pistols on the table, and only one is loaded the others are empty, would you try shutting yourself for 25 million £?" The chance you would... Continue reading
ただいま『眩暈』観賞中。不協和音たくさん使ってて不安定なかんじなんだけど、 芯は通ってるよね!全然一回聞いただけじゃメロディ覚えられない 難しい曲だけど!何度も聴いたら味がでそー。あたしは椎名林檎の曲ではほかに『シドと白昼夢』が好き♪あの差の激しいとこがいいよね!かおりトップ画変ったね。愛妻家のマイクさん(こうして書いてみるとウケル)とどこに旅行に行ってらしたの?
Yep, I'm a bit drunk right now, so it's hard to say, if this article gonna tell ANYTHING. pink wine was so nice.In fact I recognised today, that it's not a mixture of red and whithe, but it's red wine at earlier moment.I didn't know about it.The girl who was bartain looked ike a boy and I thought that if she was a boy I could fall in love with her. So nice hasky voice an good looking. She told me about this fact.. Anyway what's going on recently...It has been hard days till last week, because of the hottest... Continue reading
Next to the moment everybody was killed, somebody dealed with his own business as if nothing had happened. This is my body, that's right. We talk about reincarnation," It started to be documentated scientifically that it exits." He told me. Is this possible? Do you know what exactly body sushi is? I can't totally agree with you about it. Are animals named with people's name in western countries? Some mess some mess The day has ended with some unanswered questions and unfinished conspects, Suppose there are two people who looks exactly the same. We don't know what for we need... Continue reading
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Jul 3, 2010
尾崎のことといい偶然多いね◎うちらって血のつながってない双子なのかもね。 そうそうそう!それなのよ。気軽に本棚に近寄って好きな本を好きな時に 読み返せる快適さ★ まるで本屋さんのよう。当たり前のことがこんなに幸せに思えるって まだ世の中捨てたもんじゃないよね。 あたし高校の時に観て以来、2回目観るのは怖くてずっと観てなかったのね。 でも2,3カ月前にみたんだー。 あれは本当に何度観たとしても泣く以外ないよねー。。。 なんか人間の見栄とか欲がむきだしになってる映画だし。 しかもあれがもしハッピーエンドだったら悲しみは全然減るけど、 助かりそうなところでああいう終わり方に持ってこられると・・・・。 あたしも好きな映画っていうよりかは印象に残った映画として とらえてるよ! 好きな映画は『ショーシャンクの空に』だからこれもまた観て感想 聞かせてね^^ かおりも何かオススメの映画あったら教えてね!!! Owa
一度日本語を使い始めたら続けて使っちゃう。やっぱらくだよねー。十何年も日本にいたら、やっぱり 日本語で書くのが一番楽! 今日一日について。。 ええと、まず IKEAにNATと行って念願の棚を購入。真っ... Continue reading
たまには日本語で。 洋画にどっぷり浸かってて最後に見た邦画は何か思いだせないぐらい前に観たんだけど、 この映画はそんな久しぶりにに観る邦画の中でも最高のチョイスだったと思う。 死生観を題材にした作品は... Continue reading
Yesterday I created this poster. What is actually demanded from a poster? Yes, there were so many ideas I had to resign from, due to whole make apparent the most important information.The most important thing whenever making anything, from making a poster to writing a blog, is to stop and think if it is not against whole idea, even it's nice itself. For instance, even if I had my own vision of hanami I would like to represent, I should rathar assume how hanami is seen from peple's eyes here, and try to crate something approximate to fit. to... Continue reading
What would you do if you have a song you really liked, but you don't know either the title of it nor the name of singer? It isn't a hopeless situation, unless you haven't forgot the melody. I did't know anything about the song and tried to find it by this site below, I didn't manage to find it, I'm still trying..and any way I'm happy coz I find this site;) So, It's like I'm on 0 point. Continue reading
Even if it's all lie, they are great anyway;) Continue reading
Why a day has only 24 hours? It's not enough for me, and think for many of us it's just too short... Continue reading
I'm so into particularly this song of Red Hot's. Continue reading
They have ran for a long time, not looking back. Having their heads up. There is no border between what they see and what really is. Every single step is meant to reach there. The goal is there. Still I can't not see it, but I know I know where is They don't stop They don't look back. It's not forbidden It's just the fact. Don't concentrate on how many steps you have done, Just think about it to keep the pace. Be careful When the goal becoems visible, Still don't forget about it you're not there. You haven't done... Continue reading
I was a liar to my whole happiness Still I am... coz I want to be happy I wanned to be. Continue reading Laughter What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about the laughter? For me is the high school period.I don't even know what happened, but I'm sure it was the time I have laughed the most ever in my life.I got some friends that was so talened to create laughter, and maybe it's exaggeration, but I was going to school to laugh.There were moments I couldn't catch up with my friends I was a bit deppressed after this few monthes period of laughter, I became the subject of laughter the more they laughed the... Continue reading
That's one of the strangest question I faced recently. If caneras had a beby, are their children gonna be cameras or films, or there is third option as photos, I know I'm stupid that I am wasting time. But does everythig exectly need to be so wise? Continue reading