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Draymond is just being Draymond; I can accept that. Curry, on the other hand, is calculated in his ass-hattery. I have no idea what he is like IRL, but his public presentation of self is distasteful, IMHO.
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Madison would assure you that it's a 100% success rate.
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"2 degrees Celsius" is a number just plucked from the air, anyway. Nobody really knows whether or not we can adapt to temps 3, 4 or even 5 degrees C warmer. So, when it becomes clear that we cannot meet the "urgent" 2 degrees C target, they will just raise it to 3 degrees C. It's a moving target because, on the one hand, the honest players don't know what the real temp cutoff is, and on the other hand, the dishonest brokers don't have temperature as their real target anyway.
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Apr 24, 2014