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Elizabeth Engstrand
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men are babies lol. anytime my husband is sick he lays in bed claiming he is dying. yet...when i get sick...i get maybe an hour nap and then i either have to help with the kids, or do stuff around the house or go to work...the worse time i was ever sick that i can remember is when i was 8 months preggo with my 2nd, i was already feeling like crap my whole pregnancy, i was high risk so i was seeing the dr twice a week (3 hour appts...lame) and i got some kinda bug, well my hubby still made me help with the kids, and the needy dog and everything else around the house...preggo...sick...then he got sick...and was dying lol. it just makes us the stronger people...but they will never admit to that...
oh and i forgot to mention...instead of a cat, we have a 70 pound huskey/am. bulldog mix that crawls up in bed lol
Here is a perfect example of the starfish sleeping amber... scroll down a little bit I don't know why, or how they do it lol
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Jul 6, 2011