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Eniko DeLisle
Richardson, Texas
Brimming with many passions and a playful heart, I believe that creating and sharing art heals the mind and nurtures the soul.
Interests: art, mixed media, art journaling, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, movies, writing, photography, papercrafts, designing, barbie collecting
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Thank you so much, Saci! I appreciate your comment! I'll be making cards every week and hope to keep going with the mixed media. Hugs!
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2021 on Art Journaling the Pandemic at Eniko's Playhouse
I am Art Journaling the Pandemic. I know some people are adjusting well to the multitude of changes that this past year has thrust upon us, and others feel helpless, lonely, and afraid. I fall somewhere in the middle. I think I'm adjusting well enough, but I sometimes do feel helpless against this virus that has essentially kept me under house arrest for the past nine and a half months. We all have to make choices about coping with these unsettling times and situations, and I have chosen to return to art. Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2021 at Eniko's Playhouse
Thank you for your lovely comment, Julie! I really appreciate it. Coral Gables is a magical place and seems to be populated with some truly wonderful individuals who embrace the best that life has to offer...our dear friend Judy being one of them. Since having lost my Jim, I appreciate each day of life more than ever. What a pleasure to have met you & Ted and I so look forward to seeing you again!
Kay, I'm so pleased that you like my photographs. Coral Gables suits me so well...I feel like we are a very good fit at this moment in time. I always regret that we didn't get together when we where geographically so much closer. I always felt such a kinship with you...especially in the sharing of eachother's artwork. Stay warm, my dear friend! -Eniko
Oh Janet, so much to deal with... So difficult with aging parents utterly helpless we feel at times, yet with resilience, we bounce back, don't we? I'm not familiar with Gimp, but photo-editing is where it's at in the digital age! Great word! Hoping it all gets sorted out for you. All the best in 2014!
Hi Val! I've been shooting with my Nikon my SLR! I shot in color, then converted to black & white in Photoshop Elements. I think the real art in this project is the artful cropping and getting the lighting just right for the desired contrasts. Thanks for sharing your word...TRUST is a really good one!
Thank you, Audrey! It's been a wonderful project and I've learned so much about lighting and composition and Black and White imagery. Thanks for stopping by!
I've never been much for New Year's resolutions, but I really like the idea of choosing a word as inspiration for the year. I have chosen the word BALANCE as my guiding word for 2014, and as I create balance in my artwork, my intention is for it to guide me into balance in my life. Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2014 at Eniko's Playhouse
I love the Typocraphy collection! Fun & versatile! Great tutorial! Thank you!
From your lips to God's ears...I do hope 2014 will be exactly as you describe. So far, so good... Thank you for your constant encouragement and your loyal friendship. (And I've been loving what you've been doing with the CSI layouts!) Giant hugs!
"Live well and prosper"...what a great motto to live by, Kay! Coral Gables does feel like a dream. I miss my Jim terribly, but I know he would be so pleased to see me happy in a warm, magical place with new adventures and lovely new friends. Hugs!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Heather! We're both going through some major growth as we embark on our journey into 2014... xox
Oh Jackie, I love it when you comment on my blog! The one thing this new home in Coral Gables is definitely NOT, is gloomy! I wish I could wiggle my nose & import you here for a day or would love it! The vegetation is over-the-top! It feels like waking up in the Garden of Eden every morning. We're busy preparing for out New Year's Eve Masked Ball! So much fun!!!! Love you to bits! Thanks for your blessing & good wishes! Happy New Year! -Eniko
Tere!!!! How fabulous that you read my blog! Coral Gables is indeed a magical place...made more so by the lovely people, as yourself, who live here! Looking forward to our Masked Ball! What a way to bring in the New Year! (Wait till you taste the star fruit punch we tried out today!) Hugs, Eniko
With the intention of relocating to a beautiful warm place where people my age are having fun, the arrow on the spinner pointed to Miami...Coral Gables to be precise, where I found exactly that. Here's the layout I created in anticipation of my move. Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2013 at Eniko's Playhouse
What a lovely comment, Shirley! It's always so nice to know that people are out there being inspired by my blog posts! This particular mixed media self-portrait project was one of my favorites! Thanks for your kind words!
Great card & tag! Love the collaboration!
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2013 on Checking it Twice... at Petaloo
3-D awesomeness galore!!!!
I really appreciate your comment, Val! How lucky to have captured this sweet moment of Rigel playing in the rain. So glad you liked my layout! (I loved those colors, too!) xox
Thanks, Kay! I was so excited when I saw this photograph of Rigel and his joy in playing in the gentle rain! It really captures his open spirit. Love your comment!
Thank you, dear, dear Francine! My sweet Rigel is an open heart, ready to receive the world, as well as raindrops. At times his innocence brings me to tears. I love that this photograph captured that sweet innocence so perfectly. Thanks for your kind words!
Oh what fun! Great blog hop with Scorepal, too!
Many of us in the scrapbooking community pride ourselves in being an inspiration to other scrapbookers. There are so many ways in which we can inspire each sharing techniques, demonstrating new ideas, or simply creating an uplifting scrapbook layout that elevates the spirit. Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2013 at Eniko's Playhouse
Great tips!
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This collection is the bomb! Gorgeous papers...gorgeous projects!