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Honestly, I think almost all of these productions could benefit from putting a little more thought into their publicity, especially their individual blurbs. I'm just not pulled in by most of these descriptions. It seems to me that a lot of these productions are assuming that my "insider" knowledge of certain actors, producers, bands, etc will draw me in. As someone who's less familiar with the NY scene, I look for a captivating storyline to hook me. Not saying those aren't here, but they aren't being advertised that effectively. The four shows I would attend, based entirely on reading the linked site, would be Central Avenue Breakdown, Cyclops, Ennio, and Time Between Us. CAB just seems like a break from taditional musicals and the newer rock musicals. I liked Hedwig so good job mentioning that show, Cyclops...that hooked me. Ennio justs sounds so weird that I'm intrigued, and Time Between Us had one of the best show descriptions. Why was it so good? Because instead of telling me what happens, it tells me the questions that it will ask, and this particular question: "is it really possible to build the perfect career and the ideal personal life?" is one that is affecting my personal life at the current time, too. So knowing nothing about the musical abilities of the creators, I'm still drawn the most to this show.
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Aug 21, 2011