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Joe - I agree with you. I wasn't surprised at all with Amazon's price changes. They have been doing this with titles since the onset. I found the NY Times article mis-leading and one-sided. This is nothing new and will continue. Amazon has always stated that the backlist is less discounted and the titles mentioned in the article were deep backlist. Amazon is a business and will continue to price books as they see fit - as a business - not to satisfy individual author desire. Jack
Joe - just had a few interactions with you. but found you professional and so full of knowledge. You will be an asset to anyone who hires you. Best of luck in the future. Jack
Joe -- you bring up some very good points. Time will tell what happens to Goodreads. I tend to think Amazon will do subtle changes and try to not ruin the experience. Thing about all the data on readers they have purchased? They will be able to exploit the thousands of followers to specific authors. But I am also of the belief that over time Goodreads will be less important for discovery. There will be other networks independent of Amazon that will rise to help market and sell books. Jack
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Apr 1, 2013