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Blog: Atlas Shrugs
I don't know if you caught this in the comment section. This is the left in America. A new comment from “This Instead” was received on the post “uh, yes........” of the blog “Atlas Shrugs”. Comment:Should read "Catch me yet?" This motherfucker will be hung. And you little moronic pieces of shit here will be castrated (so you cannot produce anymore retarded kin) and then deported, possibly just summarily hung for treason if you were one of the scumbag Teabaggers who interupted our Democracy during the SUMMER months to OBSTRUCT our PROGRESS towards ridding the world of you motherfuckers. Tax your church, take your guns, and kill your kids with them. Commenter name: This Instead Commenter email: Not Shared (Learn more.) Commenter URL: http://profile.typepad.com/info496 IP address: UPDATE: One thing is for sure, if this comment had been left at a left wing/liberal blog, Obama's goons and Nudnik Napolitano's thugs would be busting down doors right about now. Continue »