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I'm a new media consultant battling a dominant magpie gene and invasive breast cancer. And sometimes I just can't help but make art.
Interests: Travel - Books - Babies - Porch Gliders - History - Found objects - Music - Stained glass, Gardens - Blogs - the Southwest - Rivers - Lakes - Rock formations - College football - Hardware stores, Gazebos - Stories - Iris - Small towns - Autumn - Office supplies - Godiva dark chocolate truffles - Hydrangeas - Metallic inks - Gardenias - Papers - Virtual Worlds
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Susan Reynolds added a favorite at Life's Postcards
Jun 7, 2012
My name is Susan. And my heart walks around outside my body in this blog, as Kerry is my daughter and Kelsey is my first grandchild and the one I know the best - and sometimes the least. Kerry, I hope you know that none of the friends who will read here are expecting perfection from you. Each of us can only do our best at that moment, and hopefully improve as we go along. We love you and want to do everything possible to support you.
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Mar 15, 2010
Susan Reynolds added a favorite at Mommie*Unique
Jan 15, 2010
I would have just deleted your comment on the basis that it is mean spirited and nasty but I'm not into that, either in comments or anywhere. But when I rethought it I decided that it's the perfect opportunity for me to say something about my philosophy. One of the great things about this country is that we have freedom of speech, "Joe." Both of us can tweet or blog or voice our opinions in whatever way we wish. Another option is that we can just not listen to those who annoy us or make us want to throw stuff at the computer. Apparently I don't follow your tweet stream or I'd know that you're not a fan, so that's probably good. And although that it's a shame that you feel that way, my suggestion is that you unsubscribe from my tweetstream, turn on Maddow or Oberman and you'll forget about this unimportant old cancer patient grannie by tomorrow. Why the heck do you bother?
I'm so glad you wrote this, especially that you talked about your own experience with writing and the sadness that descended around you - and a lot of us - when the cult of popularity threatened to change our reason for writing and in many cases discouraged us and caused us to jump off the hamster wheel. We're living through a really difficult time. Voices that share experiences from their hearts as well as their heads seem even more valuable to me now. It's a gift that you're not among those who jumped ship in the blogoshere.
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Why throw a word like Dwarf in the title as if that dwarfism is an insult? If we want to do good work, lets do it for all, including people with genetic issues.
Although at first blush I thought I'd find this guy unlikeable, in reality nothing he says is hateful or untrue. He seems like a patriot, not a bigot. On the other hand, the interviewer was absolutely obsessed with how many people Wilders was talking about perhaps being problematic and did not seem to have a clue that this is a growing issue and that it wasn't like you could stand people in a row and count them.
Curt, Woe is me - the five finger shoe folks don't know I'm a weblebrity, so never offered me a pair! Don't they understand the power of giddy cancer patients tweeting about their product? :)