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Migrating over to . Follow me there... Continue reading
The crazy part of thanksgiving is we're not that thankful-at least most of us. It's not a conscious act Continue reading
I use Grammarly for proofreading because my mind runs faster than my fingers. Continue reading
I haven't dedicated much space here on the subject of money. The deal on money for me is pretty straightforward: Give 10%, Invest 10% and live on the remaining 80% Don't chase money Number one is a guideline and number... Continue reading
In a lunch this past week, I rediscovered what I love about entrepreneurs. Continue reading
Just added some new books for your benefit Continue reading
Had a conversation with my wife last week, indirectly about the fog that comes with life. Continue reading
From my own experiences, I know how important it is to stay sober and alert. Thanks for the comments, Carl.
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Lyrics for your Friday. The Pass Proud swagger out of the school yard Waiting for the world's applause Rebel without a conscience Martyr without a cause Static on your frequency Electrical storm in your veins Raging at unreachable glory Straining... Continue reading
There's a blockbuster movie playing right now. Have you seen this movie? Continue reading
One of my coaching clients sent me this article on entrepreneurism. Continue reading
I've been thinking a lot about value lately. Specifically, the conversations and presence with Continue reading
I've known Dan Schawbel for quite a few years now and he is one of the best when it comes to the art of personal branding. His new book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules of Career Success, distills great advice... Continue reading
Thanks for the comments, Marc. I reduced the number of outlets I used for getting news. Used to have 4-5, now 2. Created the margin I was looking for...time wise.
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My friend, Marc, shared this performance by Carlos Santana and Wayne Shorter with me and Continue reading
Looking back has tremendous value. I'm not referring to looking back with regret. Looking back with regret usually leads to mental paralysis. I'm speaking of looking back to gain perspective and clarity. Continue reading
When I got the email regarding Dr. Norman Rosenthal and his new book, The Gift of Adversity: The Unexpected Benefits of Life's Difficulties, Setbacks, and Imperfections, I was intrigued... Continue reading
In my last post I outlined the importance of embracing the 90/10 rule. Today I have something to share from my own experience relating to the 10% part of the rule. Continue reading
Talked with a friend some weeks ago and he told me that he believes people can only be helped when they're ready. I over simplify when I write that I agree. Continue reading
I like Miles Davis. Whenever I meet someone who likes Miles Davis, I feel an immediate connection. This feels great. Then I meet someone who likes Kenny Chesney. Continue reading
What are you counting on? A simple and straightforward question. It reveals more about you and I than meets the mind. Continue reading
What are you counting on? A simple and straightforward question. It reveals more about you and I than meets the mind. Continue reading
In the U.S., as well as other parts of the world, wellbeing is often measured by an outcome. For example, did you lose the amount of weight you wanted or did you hit your financial forecast? This approach is pretty... Continue reading
The above shot is from Central Park, near Strawberry Fields. My post today is for Doris Thompson. Continue reading
Typically, when you read the words all or nothing, thoughts of bravado and persistence come to mind. I would agree with that. Continue reading