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When you read such business report, you start wondering the background of the reporter.It sounds too ought to introduce your peice with US and yet you give no reason in the the rest of your article why that is important, yet you go on to report minutes from a board meeting. Well, if you were trying to market the said company, then you have instead help to paint it too black for potential investors.Please you guys must try to articulate your piece and choose the right caption that reflects. Just a pointer-
Utter nonsense,very irreasonable, must we go to court before we are told even the lawyers are not perfect!! Let's try this for a minute, who is reprimanding who.I seem to believe that the late chief had something to do with the lswsuit against Pamol, and his dead is not a line stroke across the case file number that no one should comment on.My perception is that, this vulturistic attitude by some families in Cameroon, pouncing on poor workers doing their job is tantamount to oppression and pervertion of justice.Yes, the first thing that comes to anyone mind after his dead is this popular case.Well I suggest another headline for the issue: Who inherits the Late Cheif battle with Pamol or does he die with it!! Meanwhile we all, need to respectfully mourn his soul, give him the honor due for his fine works alive,it must not be a planted rule to avoid the tussle the dead leave the living in. May the Enonchong family reconsider their step and decide if they want to continue this habitual lawsuit or live in a realistic society that everyone is free to express his view whether for the dead or living. Dear brothers and sisters, let us try to be reasonable and grow out of the supression and nonsense attack.When it is true many people must not join to shout it, because it is not a contest for popularity,this great state man will not go too long before his legacy is revisited. May His soul in peace rest, and our struggle as we live continues.We will miss you,the one in many with the wit and might to stand this rudeless government.We will miss you. Epizi
With due respect, Raymond,such article may be a good reason why a lot many misgivings are tolerated, on the bed rock of ocultism. Meanwhile some find utter sollace in such kind of stories, I sure think the role of a media like this should be interested in facts and evidential reality than vaunting the veracity of such illtreated and vaque topics. Personally, I think faith is kind of complex to convey, albeit, everyone does believe in something. When we really get lazy or get smark right on the right eye with challenging issues we really run pass the actual detail and side with ocultism. Well, I am not for all reasons you can give, cynical about this piece, but I believe what ideas do float the media should be somewhat closer to the objective of clear and verifiable information not this lame reasons to all that happens around us,our schools, and lifes, which by and large can have some explanation if only we allay that scale of self delusion on our eyes. The simplest format an average Cameroonian out there will see this is just another reason why real issues rock our schools, nation and families and yet for this to be franky dismiss we just look at the old fox messing around, bringing misery and poverty,sickness and disease just because afterall we are ocultic believers. In short I am done with this kind of headlines and hope I have just made a point which is subjective anyway.Try to find solutions, because there is one lying somewhere if only you keep an open mind. Epizi
This is a fine piece, that feels like the policies of Cameroon takes into consideration these indicators at least to care about the future we are heading to. Addo has commited more than enough though to signal dooms day. But the question is how often does the government intergrate this in on going policies.
Hi all, This discusion seems interesting except that everything in Cameroon is politicised, the reason why such brilliant analysis by Fongang will remain as far as Cameroon is concern a theory.You may just be amazed with the facts on the table,-viz the rising food prices and low income at same time. Well one may be right to vet investments in infrastructure such farm to market roads, but have we failed to realise that this sector which by all means still employs the highest number of Cameroonians is merely retrogressing, with institutions disappearing everyday especially if it has something to do with a group that voted against the CPDM CULT;I sure think, is not because the road are getting too bad or anything else, but largely the policies in place has been bent at consuming without sustaining the sector.A sector fuels government budget but government pretends to be there for it. Well, my point however is not per se this infrastruture any more because that will need more than political will to reverse. I think Cameroon is just a failure that should start all over. Nothing seems to be working,financial institutions are less effective, Parastatals have no checks and balances,wide assymetry between government and public, even health sector is nearer to poisonous!! In short nothing is working, and the fact is that we know that but we keep pretending with this lofty pronouncement like this minister has just done. One can not run away from politics in Cameroon, and yes trully that is the problem, nothing can work because there is no autonomy.Before you know, this billions annouced has something to do with atleast 5 ministers,10 directors, etc and finally nothing trickle down.Worst when some directors are more powerful than ministers... I really do think another problem is that, this so call reporters are really reporters, if they start trying to be journalist, and bring out critical analysis and objectional questioning to this kind of issues than just announcing, they may have just started a journey to raise real questions that will help Cameroonians. I sure, one will write on this topic on and on, but all I have been trying to point out here is, nothing has changed in Cameroon since we kept on hearing this releases, hence we must stop pretending,and call it openly that if Cameroon was any human then She needs a sphychatrist because her brain does not coordinate any further. You must pardon my cynicism, but I have taken part in many of this stuffs and yet there is nothing to right home after 5years.
Dear Sam, If you happen to read this comment,please do me a favour,let one of your goals be to pass on this kind of journalistic perspective to all who write here.It seems, since this story broke out, this is the first objective piece I have read. I do share your view here, though you sounded too frank for a hungry journalist in Cameroon.Now I know there may still be some in Cameroon who have a calling for this profession. More grease to your elbow Sam Epizi
This is quite good.More grease to the organisers of this.Hopefully it will not fall on empty minds.Students will need to be innovative and belief they too can be different.However, I hold the view that, alot still has to be done by the state to creat institutions that will facilitate this process.
I beg to difer with the author of this article. I think US has very little powers over Cameroon as a teritory.There seem to be that respect to France and that is the reason why your dream US intervention will remain vocal as it has been. However, I will want to predict the doom day is at hand. Though very much predicted, belief me or not,Cameroonians are still docile to stand the amour preparation from the supressive government.They know what the issue is and how the people feel, they are better ready to exhaust possible outcomes on their drawing board in case and just in case. My prediction. The present ordeal Cameroonians are plunged into has not got any recent day reference in modern history:not the like of Charles,Olusegun or Kybaki! no, not even the freezy of Sudan. But like an aggravated fire that can not burn when set on shield, soon, and ofcourse very soon, when the lion man must be satisfy he has conquer all fears and render Cameroonians cowards, just like SUMAMGURU, the spot he forgets to protect will be sorted.Then all around him, even the water to quench the fire will become burning fuel. I sure think, his doom, pray not that,is by him, to the ones he trust, a shameful fall, like a bird, a mighty lion falls.The bearer of bad message does not necessarily like the message, just sent to deliver it as it seems. CPDM die heart militant. I am in pains, if only I speak from my heart I am against it to but now and only now I support the Constitutional Ammendment for not only a monarchial set up but for an immortal presidency!!!
Leaders with no vision for their countries.Greed and selfishness is just a daily routine to them.Lets see if Chinese are more better than our brothers and neighbors!
Even you??? Views on religious matters are quite volatile yet is the only discipline with even distinct truth.Dare not to rebuke your own friend for his view, because even yours in bright sunlight is falsehood to another belief.The man of God sets a pace and only futurity will pronounce him right or wrong, not you or me.If exorcism is a practice then deliverance is an outcome that must be accepted, so what is the point here? Must we be blinded just because Nigeria is exporting spiritual monopoly or because Government legalised annointment but propagade corruption?There are some true spirits out there,pray ye only to know them because they are hard to know and they do not publicise what they do!! Let me end to say, even in the darkest part of life there is some light,all we seek is this light obviously not far:seek yours by claiming to be the fountain of all truth but if we be mature,litrate and honest we must see opinions not as insults or injuries. Heavenly democracy is not base on popularity of ballots but a refined maxim that ursher truth,though few agree on though. Just my own view
Hi Kelen! I strongly agree with your view, though it may sound so unprofessional.The problem with most institution in Cameroon is the Corporate Governance strategy put in place.It seems like every institution that this government gets involve in always fail. Unfortunate though
When religiousity has replace individual moral rectitude,egoism takes the stage yet with any means we want to achieve our aims. Competition between traditional lords and christian babarics is quite common where the duo strive.What a delicate matter to pronounce judgement since there is no religion that moderates the other. To my humble opinion, all we need is the ordinance of a peaceful society, and therefore any group yet on earth identify by whatever colonial or accestral dictates failing to conform to this becomes an enemy of life and natural differences as just report is evident.Now the state of law,coruded, we know comes in to usher judgement, who may be so sure if the company of law is not a block of these two groups. As you will realise religious matters are quite hard to arbitrate and as a weapon, you can never escape from. However whether those who make life unpleasant for you are Presbyterian or Catholic:be it by their religious afiliation or alma matter, also remember you got friends to love around you from these same habour.You see it is a complicated issue to comment on.I beg to say such a matter if rightly reported must be treated through the tenet of love.Pentecostanism is very much hightlighted in this era, but it please me to say let the followers pray for more days to see the havoc it shall reign on our society given the trend it is taking within Nigeria and its neighbouring Cameroon!!!! Epizi
Here comes another area of deep neglect by our belove reform fighters of the country.Ofcourse the obvious choice between making one the Director General of Teasuries or the Social insurance fund will be the former.Certainly the shortsightedness is about to be unleashed to the less litrate in Finance. One of the richest institutions of any country is its social insurance or pension fund.This fund plays very major role in capitalising most government projects at zero or little interest rate because the contributors to this fund knows not more than a hard strive to get some wrehcted allowance. In the capital market there is a mad rush to purchase securities derived from this fund because of its payment gaurantee and perhaps because of assurance to perpertuity. While a lot goes under the eyes of Cameroonians this is a one area where there is no pretence of the volume of financing and refinancing generated to the corrupt offices.No one question its source or outcome perhaps because we do not know.I wish this serve as an eye opener to us. One important aspect so perculiar with LDCs like Cameroon is the Life expectancy at birth.Unlike the western society with aging population having a number of Old ready to benefit from their pension contribution, it is never the case with us since many contributors die before even going on retirement.Also taken for granted is the element of unemployment break: assume one quits a job as a contributor and gets another one as a non contributor, this benefit automatically varnishes.There is evidence however, so much to support the fact that what is expended for the contributors to this fund is far lesser than what is contributed. The question here is where is the extra? Why is the operation of this particular institution so vague? Why will the Prime minister sound his own whistle when he knows fully well that the fund itself has done nothing yet if only the first project for decades they have accomplished is that puppet home they are not quite ashame to value it at 2billions and call it an edifice.Sometimes I feel these old people who have plunge our belove nation to this dudgeon of suffering should get a fair share of their part, but it helps us to know and don't educate.Even university professors get down the drain during retirement due to their frustration in keeping abrase only with what concerns them.Time to educate all on even common issue like this is now. I hope to come back of this issue if time will permit, to sanctioned a qualified article of what NSIF is hiding and like other countries as Cameroonians we deserve to be educated thus. Epizitone Financial Economist
Hello All, I aggree with you all, as far as I can draw one of you believe in balance and checks being a dual concern at the point of political-business strings in Cameroon Banks as well as evident need for real experts, ensuring a stable banking system. We are saying thesame thing in diferent language though the intricacies may be hard to connect. Rexon, you may be right about some manupulations from the government in place which I take it, is thesame government expected to regulate the banking system. But I want us to face the reality, there are predefined rules and standards set up for banks to comply when they review their annual earning reports. Therefore, there may be some element of political interferances which by some error is too small to pronounce a bank publicly deficit as we just saw. This has an impact as I quoted before, to all the stakeholders as such no government will take delight to destroy an image of these banks when its effect are spilled over to the entire system. Well perhaps they are shortsighted to see that, but I doubt. Ndiks you may be quite right about the Central banking system, ofcourse it is controled externally, but imagine BEAC as the seat of a region that Cameroon is the major player.It is quite possible that system failure in the region largely depends on Cameroon. Interest rates are thus determined not arbitrarily but if any it is based on this kind of accurences.Some endogenous variables such as internal failures in locally owned banks in one of the member state will be too dangerous if unchecked. I also strongly aggree in the culture of management,sometimes it is flexible enough to go away from the rules, but I am afraid local institutions are yet to stand before they broke their own rules because of political spears and pressure for no interest yeilding loans to political heavyweights- so sad.Really no grounds for reforms, what reforms even when appropriate grounds to suggest one is mar each time. I will want to conclude that,unlike other countries an economy that fails to see banking system automous risk shock every now and then, and Cameroon is no different.I beg not to be so sentimental, but this so call southern origin banks have by and large french headmen which attracts that french culture of rejoicing and pronouncing failures in success and vice versa
This kind of release is a disgrace in the 21st century financial institutional framework. How on earth will a bank get to that extend of loss without being check until now. One is almost ashame of the financial industry in Cameroon- one that have defined banking only to deposits and loans. Beside who do they even grant loans to and what deposit policies are in place. It is time for the so call COBAC to set up a research and analyst department that reveals in a more frequent occasion the performance of this institutions.Regulation is not just passing laws but visionary concern on the trend of the overall activities in the market. I am not a prophet of doom, but I must confess that Cameroon will face a major economic scratch in no distant future given the almost lack of experts to signal and declare possible bankruptcy before hand. Presently micro finance institutions are springing up with little ease, in a while these houses will be more than their customers,Equity is eroding due to high operation cost and debts are stock piling. Are we realy sure were we are heading to???? Such news does not even trigger the government and the custumers.I tell you one thing,if there was a really active stock markets in Cameroon before now, such a report will leave many people dead. We must get serious and stop this unreasonable joke.The result of this kind of report is eventually high capital flight,rising interest rates,gross disavings and even worst scary to attarct real external investment. We must not concerntrate much on this lips service in Cameroon, we need managers who can deliver, framework that can capitalize,proper corporate government,innovate and create avenues of strenght to local institutions against foreign ones. Certainly now, the goal of a poor client should very clear, get off this banks before the story in the late 80s and early 90s repeat itself. Epizitone Anabi Financail Economist
Free minds always follow free grave,while those who own the world fallow for the immortal statutes in their cupboards. Just as Shakespeare puts it' The earth is a stage and we all as actors play our parts'- certainly true but then so painful and disdainful to attribute such irrevocable verdicts on stage, especially to those who make the everyday of a sector alive. When intellect and creativity is put at the back seat and credibility ridicule even by the gods Cameroon, then it is really dooms day.Professors and Dr answer the role call mysterious in roll from one of many universities in the country. Recounting how BB in the old days of lycee will slowly walk down the stairs after class, wait for anyone behind him to be ahead, and even stay in class sometimes until the stairs were empty, every real thinker will fancy a due genuis protecting life in that earthly habour that savour litrary brilliance in lycee students.BB and co in the lines of George Ngane, Mbulai and others formed the craddle of awareness to feed the candle of Anglophone literature. Come see BB on monday in the corridors of UB after a previous Cameroon Calling interview on the air. I remember he asked me if I listened to him and I said not quite and he said I was a mediocre while laughing in his normal way!!! I also recall when Hon Najeme was celebrating after the paliamentary election and stumble on BB while jubilating and BB simply reminded him of leaving sasse in form 2 again laughing. Bate Bessong told Ephraim Nbanda G after a series of questioning to set him astray during one CC broadcast on African literature that he was a born a cameroonian.His ussual reaction to questions regarding high sounding words in his work was that he writes of intellectuals not dummies. The last time I almost fainting with laughter was during one of the strike in UB when Dorothy summoned the teachers to a meeting and asked them to teach. In a queit forum with every lecturer buying his head, BB just started clapping and spoke up front to Dorothy- Madam why don't you put all the teachers in class and teach and write a report to yaounde that classes are serious as is always the case!! All these in essence is just to reveal how bold and ready he was there for what reveals truth and reality.So outspoken yet commited.He contructed and inspired beyond doubts.Every student to BB does literature!!! Ah! see how heros leave the scene unannounced BB is no more yet on earth, but in his admirers he live, thouh not soon but surely soon.He took away even Ambe and Ngwagwa'a, one could easily speculate for the gap he left. Remember however, that a dog that bits even in its absence the eyes of its youungs flashes danger!!! The see is planted, thy job well done, now time to geminate, all we as anglophones owe him is to continue the fight for freedom. In peace may this souls rest.
My Goodness, Feel free to say your mind and be strong to your faith.Deter ye not, but I assure you, the laws on earth are by principle God's measure to ensure peace amongst men. Funny indeed!! to hear this
Read what they write As if painfully and molested a phantom soul is gone! Today Herby fashioned on the surface of the earth is material, same to many who in dismay have left their earthly harbour. Who says sycophancy is the tradition of dead,-only done because the peace on earth must be maintained and not fanned by a death soul. Sometimes I wonder whether eloquence in presentation and correlation in writing makes a pass even if the material is unworthy.I beg not to differ with self expression but to comment our mortality 'as actors on earth all of us on stage we play our own parts' SHAKESPEARE NW-SW divides, holds credence even in NW communities, and even much stronger than can be eulogised at the death of a soul. Seemingly indifferent on who Herby was and who is eulogising what, save first our perfection to judge and condemn others. Above no work done, one SW soul gone it takes Gods discretion as to how many NW will replace. Necessary many still living, sing ye while they live and change the scope of live around them!!! Once dead is faded and so on earth we further. Herby in peace, if it be, may your soul rest
Perfect slam on peace When the Lamb of man is slain by another man,moral rectitude disdain, and knowledge placed to mediocracy-time is yet at hand. Not even are the gods respecters of God's sacred meaning of life nor His divine portion of soul;perhaps meant to die, but why and how,is the answer a reflection of the society we make. Who did this and why, finds no explanation in the karmic dictoinary of life- mere retribution could be commented an effort for vain slain,so deep,so painful he dies!! Eulogy of perfect life,testimony of great works,why don,t the Lord judge and here on earth we play on stage expected love art. Allow those that do it to fallow, and the hands that seek for bribe and chance to get- explores this, and see what next life we live. When law and order has suddenly turn to disorder and justice to melancholy,when every evil genre is multiplied and true minds rejected, what world we expect is found save in Heaven! Yesterday we pledge a million life if only our soveriegnty is restore,today we scorn pig-nosiously to the gospel of regionalisation,in allegiance to SCNC/SDF no french life is worthful,emphathy for CPDM Cameroon English/Bantus soul are less concern,brothers bellow for a token priced with life- What world we live in!! Poor soul,save you die, back here on earth we profoundly continue the struggle, in peace may your soul rest!!!!!!
Such power the press we never minimise, Excavating the immortal thoughts of youth Framimg the real mind from our dream The special we want to belong So special our forecasting Undyingly striving for the best When new days come with new commandments Duely acknowledging the prize of bets Keeping track of portal free hopes The longer we want to belong Free foilage our rollings Fanningly nurturing for good Oh, failure-winners jobber gain Dream promises we fulfilled Signs of the past we ignore Litmus test for coherence in action Strings of the world attached around us New comrade amidst circles of life we join Bonded by the sticky clay of arogance How dare you fan behind our dreams! Time has change,men have changed,system have changed Hold me no more ransom to the thoughts of ideal youth Today I am a man, for a man so little aiming for- Epizi
Dear Patriots, One is rarely satisfied even if the whole world rest in your command.My guess is that God must be angry with himself for creating a world sometimes, like such where man has bestored supremacy and describe each circumstance so well to best fit ill-intentions.The later parazer, surpasses the limit set to act and like a monarch in all respect decides the fate of what they refer to themselves as co-creators of the people of their land.What I feel in me and always felt when UB transformation was hitherto pronounce was the beginning of a new era where the monarchy of our country in the ussual routine of signing even what is not verified has so outburst the man in power and as a free soul bent to wipe the offences claimed by his men.Lol! this is not the case here, in recent change he has just proven his dormancy and justify the role as a stouch. Unfortunately very few could decode what I write here but for personal appreciation I will recommend anyone hungry of divine truth and life essence to lay hands on this 19 century novel by the venerated author Marie Colerrie titled: TEMPORAL POWERS-a study in supremacy. Lest I die let me predict that not even powers is temporal yet in it as short time as you serve make good your vail-Lambi so to speak atleast honourably serve his people just for year yet as great than it would profile in 2 and a half decade of Monarchy!!!!!!!!!!!! There must be a reason for heroes to fall and in this case he has fallen, fail not to see what changes he brought in the system that for no reason will the envy tongue,exposed chants and vicious plots of those who in action have let him go on scott free.There is a cause to fall and that is just it. Adieu
This is very brilliant,if only we are ready to put aside myopia when we read through and appreciate the ideas of our leaders, then someone out there will share my view that Mbella is very advanced in his way of manipulating his political affiliation and the requirement for his big job as a Mayor.I must confess his leadership skill is commendable,something the youths in this era must emulate.Yes there are some drawbacks to execute our objectives yet it is imperative to know that and count on what we can do, such a trait I see in him.The youths have proven they are worth it and trully the nation must start counting on them for meaningful development. Regards though