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Denny,you are so right about the challenge groups. Wow! The challenge groups are amazing! People really shared from their hearts about their passion, purpose and their destiny! A definite game-changer! Ken was an awesome moderator last night in Ephrata and it is time for the sleeping giant in him to arise! I have even seen a difference in him even today from last night! We had a full house and are planning several groups next time in different areas! Talk about a way to get expotential growth. We are fired up and can't wait to walk on the beaches with you and Donna all over the world! Thanks for believing in us and never giving up on us!
Merv Fisher shared at the challenge group... Your purpose is the race car and your passion is the fuel. Great analogy!
If the mental fitness challenge can help change one person's life, you can change a family. If you can change a family, you can change a neighborhood. If you can change a neighborhood, you can change a city. If you can change a city, you can change a state. If you can change a state, you can change a country. If you can change a country, you can change the world. LIFE will create 1,000,000 leaders and change the world, and God will get all the glory as we work together to build the largest community in the world!
So proud to have our leader at the top of the list!
Lynette, I agree! The mental fitness challenge will force us to create the habits we need to have to become successful in all areas of life!
Orrin, They are great servant leaders and you are a great example as a mentor to them as well! Together you will lead the team to 1,000,000 people! The mental fitness challenge is far better than alot of the leadership guru courses and the icing on the cake is the challenge groups.
Dave and Beth, You are an awesome example of what can happen to an ordinary couple when they step into the destiny God has for them under the mentorship of one of America's top leaders!
The mental fitness challenge groups are amazing and will take the team to 1,000,000 and beyond. We heard people speak from their hearts last night about their purpose, passion, and destiny! It was so encouraging! I can't wait for the next one!
Amen to that one, Sharon!
Greg, You are so right and you and Lin have exemplified the 3 points you mentioned. I am so thankful that you and Lin and Denny and Donna have always believed in us and see us where God has us going in spite of ourselves. Also facing the goliaths in life, you kept the faith and kept the team rhinos charging! We love you and can't wait to walk on the beaches of the world with you!
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May 16, 2012