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'I write a blog on the internet... and I'm also a gay radical...and any one who disagrees with me... why I'm just going to pout like a little kid... and make childish jokes about them... at least joanie will always like me..... ha ha ha ha ha ha...ha ha... thank you joanie for liking me you sweet sweet girl.. you are the most pleasant women on the internet! signed the gay blogger
'I'm a student who is constantly learning. I read diverse sources, look for diverse sites and maintain an open mind. I'm an information junkie. I rarely take opinions at first glance and always look for the reasonableness of information regardless of source. I'm a student first and a teacher second. Which is why I'm often found on the internet rather than the golf course. I love learning! My sources are generally people at the source rather than blogs. In fact, this blog is the only one in which I engage except for occasional posts here and there. I am honest by nature and have a low tolerance for generalities and unsupported claims...etc etc.. and also I'm one of the angriest women on the internet...(except for maybe my friend sparky)
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Feb 14, 2010