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Congrats! Someone suggested this to me & I'm doing it for my 19mo: set up a gmail account in his name & send him email. You'll forget everything wonderful in the blur of sleeplessness if you don't write it tell him how amazing he is & what this whole experience means to you. It's the scrapbook of 2011 & will be an amazing guide for him when HE has kids ;)
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Agree with Sebeil above; there have been several bummer emperors in a row. I'm missing me some Julio-Claudians right about now. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (the one with the wicked 3-episode series on the Punic Wars) just did a 1.5 hr show on the the transition of the republic into an empire. We need some sort of sign-up for the tour NOW so no one gets left out! Will it be short, Mike, like a week (easier for people to work into their schedules)?
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2010 on 105- The Last Princeps at The History of Rome
Tom: don't make Mike self-conscious about the intro music! He sounded kinda like he didn't like it that much in Episode 100, but I always thought of it as very Roman-y until he let on it was just Garage Band stock or whatever. Wicked Chicken: Hardcore History has 3 episodes (like an hour or 1.5h each!) about the Punic Wars, and they are amazing. Dan Carlin is a compelling speaker, really painting a picture for the listener, and the story is chilling. A MUST DOWNLOAD for THoR fans!
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Jul 16, 2010