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Eric Gourmet, from MyExpressWebServices, specialized in complete online business tailored solutions. He has met a lot of customers and most of them have been unsuccessful with their online experience. Having helped his customers to build a successful online business, his Company MyExpressWebServices now propose an Online Business package, with all cost and web hosting service included. Thanks to this new package, MyExpressWebServices customers enjoy a complete eCommerce Website, including Internet Marketing and Web Hosting, plus Product and Content management, for no extra cost and unlimited in time! Thanks to this option, MyExpressWebServices customers work in confidence, no waste of time and a maximum efficiency. We take the overhead of building your online business. Being very proactive, we will dig up with you in the arcanes of your business, build the web site with 15 to 100 pages of presentation, products and services. We will adapt to your own pace, knowing you are very busy with your conventional business. We will give you quickly a first version of your website, so you can validate and amend our work, instead of being put in front of unstainable deadlines and overgoing costs. We will amend your website as often as you or we think is necessary, for no extra costs. We will add new services or products every time you need it, when your suppliers changes their line of products or when you find new suppliers. We will assist you in finding new suppliers doing blind drop shipping for you, so you can increase your turn over with no stock management overall. We will invest in your business so we will be heading for the same goal, SUCCESS. Our pleasure is to work with you not only as you being our customer, but also as us being a trustful partner. Join our existing customers in their success story. We are investing in your online business as much as you do, and the only result we want both is success. Please visit us on No Revenue No Fee, and discover all of our web design services.
Interests: web design, internet marketing, fashion
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