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Erick Pettersen
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Hey Aliza, Great post. I agree with all of these. When I first started using Twitter, my policy was to use it to gather and disseminate information my audience would find useful. Over time, it has remained that, as well as it has become more of a conversational tool to me. I find it interesting that while we both use columns and lists, we use them in slightly different ways. The reason I originally set up lists was to give my followers a place to find people within my stream they might find of interest to follow. That remains the primary reason; though, I use a couple of my lists to keep up with a handful of Twitter friends', who understand that Twitter (and social media, in general) is about conversation. Anyhow, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's always a joy to glean from your your insight. Erick
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Sep 4, 2011