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That particular information made FeedFliks really helpful. I guess now the site is useless.
It has worked on my HTC Incredible since the app launched on the Market. I love it!! Even works flawlessly on my son's HTC Incredible 2.
As the previous poster stated the obvious, the radio still works. Keep some fresh batteries and a radio in the closet for emergencies. Also with the growing market of smart phones there are several apps you can use to get radio stations from afar as well as apps to listen to emergency dispatch frequencies (i.e. EMS, Fire & Police bands).
I've been watching Startrek all day on my Wii with no problem at all. I must of watched about 6 hours since this morning on/off with no issues.
I'm guessing since practically everything will be streaming Netflix including toilets, they had to increase the number of registered devices. Everything from TV's to toasters now stream Netflix which is just incredible. Now I can add all the ipod touches my family owns and a few other devices cause we were maxed at 6.
Had that problem when I lived in NYC and I canceled my account. Now that I live in northern NY I haven't had any issues for over 3 years.
No way in hell Netflix is even remotely responsible! PS3 users could have used the computer like the rest of the world.
Works great and I'm loving it.
I haven't seen this. Is it an app that users rent from? I'm not seeing movies in market.
I got throttled for dvds but never for streaming. I was home for three months during Christmas time and cranked out over 40 hrs per week of streaming with no problem. When I first got a netflix device I had network hiccups but once I upgraded to wideband service I've never had an issue since.
Terminator, chronicles of Sarah Connor.
Give me a break! It's a paid service. If the service does not offer captions then don't pay for it, instead opt for general stations that you can get for free with a good antenna. Netflix is just getting huge so its seem natural for the greedy to go after them.
Anyone have a workaround for Windows 3.1. I can't seem to get Netflix to fully load in the browser.
I could careless! I rather pick up a flick at Redbox if I want it that bad otherwise I wait on Netflix. Besides I rather watch on my big screen TV than my computer screen and no I don't want to connect my laptop to TV just for a single, occasional, movie.
I think Jeff is correct. I also read somewhere that only never snap dragon processors will work with netflix as the one coming loaded in the HTC Thunderbolt coming soon. Which sucks cause I love my Droid Incredible.
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Feb 15, 2011