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Erie Chapman Foundation
Nashville, Tennessee
Immediate past president of the Baptist Healing Trust (Healing Trust), Nashville.
Interests: The Erie Chapman Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to advance Radical Loving Care & healing in charities including hospitals, hospices & other charities & through the arts.
Recent Activity
“I was never more hated than when I tried to be honest,” Ralph Ellison wrote. If truth matters why does expressing it often require exceptional courage? We want to be loved, not hated. We want to be praised, not punished. Shockingly, Truth & Kindness can be enemies. Continue reading
“So, I say to you, walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide.” John Lewis There is no denying that there is great turmoil in our world and reasons for despair. Yet, we are called to... Continue reading
What gardens will you water today with the nurturing love in your heart? "Watering Can" Erie Chapman, 2016 Continue reading
What lovely comments, Terry. Yes, what would we want God to see. The video is a great offering.
Thanks so much for INSPIRING this column, Liz. I was originally planning to write about the need for better leadership in healthcare in general until I read your column and decided to make the appeal more specific. Your better angels are always on display and they are beautiful.
As science seeks a vaccine for the COVID 19 a parallel crisis begs for a cure. American healthcare needs a vaccine for racism. We need leaders with passions for justice as big as their paychecks. If you wonder what Love looks like, watch the brilliant video created by Chris York's team at Baylor Scott & White's Grapevine Hospital. Remember Baldwin's words: "nothing can be changed until it is faced." Then, like John Lewis, "make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble." Continue reading
I awoke early this morning with sleepy eyes and thoughts of John Lewis and how I might pay tribute to this great man. I searched Netflix to watch the film “John Lewis: Good Trouble.” Accidentally, I clicked on a related documentary called, “I am Not Your Negro.” However, I’ve decided... Continue reading
What better legacy can we leave at our funerals than these words from "Epitaph" by Merrit Malloy: "And when all that is left of me is love; give me away." Continue reading
In times of grieving our words tend to ring hollow. When a person dies, it is hardest for those who are left behind. Yet, I imagine our loved ones would want us to be happy and go on living. Keeping this in mind, I wish to share these words, adapted... Continue reading
Here a poem (including one minute reading) that you can listen to & see as well as read - Art meant to enlighten your life as a caregiver. Continue reading
So glad you enjoyed it, Teresa. Thank you.
Yes. Thank you so much, Liz. Mr. Murray quote is exceptionally eloquent as is your response including, "everything may be turbulent and swirling around us but within the chaos, within the eye of the tornado is complete stillness, complete calm, a place where peace resides.
Humility runs so against the grain of western thinking that it requires daily practice to live it, to weave it into living love, to ease closer to peace. Continue reading
As we experience discomfort in this time, let’s begin to dream of a new normal, a new normal that addresses the weaknesses and problems that were going unaddressed in the old normal. If we’re wise, we won’t go back; we’ll go forward. —Brian McLaren In this time of serious crisis,... Continue reading
"Every person has inherent worth simply because they are human. This awareness keeps us focused on what matters most." Yes. Caring is the essence of humanity. That is why YOU are so intensely & beautifully human, Liz.
Disrespect wounds Humanity. Honor what you have had with work & relationships. Instead of blocking memories grieve & celebrate. Thank your lucky stars for how they shined on you for awhile. If you can do that magic trick, you will convert bitter harvests into food that will bless the rest of your days. Continue reading
Every person has inherent worth simply because they are human. This awareness keeps us focused on what matters most. The story I am about to share involves caregivers, Diann Verdugo RN MSN Hospice Educator and Julie Conway Hospice Volunteer and their loved ones. Mr. C was a veteran who suffered... Continue reading
The Journal is offering a new Friday feature - a single poem will appear each week to enrich your day. The first offering is "Turning West" by Dr. Terry Chapman. Continue reading
You have captured the heart of healing & the purpose of the Journal in this piece, in your superb artwork and in words like these: "For you see with your heart and you recognize that the person before you is not their disease but rather, a person with hopes and dreams and aspirations, much like our own." What a fine Love Letter to Caregivers from a true Caregiver of Love & one of God's finest disciples. Thank you, Liz.
We hear with our ears, listen with our eyes. When the majority of CEOs are women (or men who balance compassion with toughness) then healing will truly dominate caregiving. And eyes will become organs of hearing as well as seeing. Continue reading
“I pray that… you may find light, joy and consolation. We are willing to empty ourselves, to bend low, to wash feet, to heal wounds, all for the dear neighbor.” Mother Bernard Gosselin CSJ A Love Letter to Caregivers Good health is a gift to cherish and your steadfast dedication... Continue reading
"I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me," Ralph Ellison's character says. "Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat. "When I discover who I am, I'll be free." Continue reading
What an incredibly kind, loving & eloquent post. You capture your father - his kind, strong & compassionate way in the world, so beautifully, Terry. Of course, it was a gift to have him as my uncle. To enter his presence was to experience an immediate sense of calm. His gentle, firm nature shown as if had his own star and it was the only one in the sky or, as you said much better, "His steady hand kept us focusing on positive goals regardless of life’s difficult and recurring challenges." Thank you for posting this, fellow dad.
What is a father? What stands out about what good fathers do? For me, my father is the exemplar for fathering: he demonstrated his love for me, my brother, and our mother, by what he said and what he did! His gave us endless encouragement and his sense of humor... Continue reading
The radical thing about Radical Loving Care is that the heart's sensitivity, newly tuned to Joy, becomes exquisitely vulnerable to suffering. Pain is integral to meaningful relationships. Continue reading