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The realists hold that morality should never be taken in consideration in foreign politics. They seek 'stability' by negotiation with enemies, even with mullahs who call their country the Great Satan and want to destroy it. The Taliban 'stabilized' Afghanistan, while sheltering al Qeada. The realists paved the Path to 9/11. The neocons think that the terrorist sponsoring dictatorships in the Middle East should be toppled by the Forward Strategy of Freedom. They tried to install democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the false hope that the rest of the Middle East would follow. A reversed domino theory, if you like. The people, however, voted largely for islamist parties. The realists and the multiculturalists think it's wrong for the West to fight wars in it's own interest. The neocons have the will to fight, but not the will to win. They too think we should fight mostly on behalf of other people. See: objectivestandard. To win the war on islamofascism (terrorism is just a means, not the enemy) we should make war on Iran and force it to unconditional surrender by destructive military force. An air war in combination with a siege is a proper way to go about it. Destroying the nuclear installations is not enough. Neither is toppling the regime and liberating the people. The whole nation must be brought down to its knees. After an exemplary defeat of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan must hand over all terrorists and sponsors and cease all spreading of islamism, or else. Bush's mistake was not that he went to war. His mistake was that he did so halfheartedly. As for spreading liberty and democracy: after islamism is defeated it can be proper to secure the peace by helping the Middle East to build free and prosperous countries. But only after the war is won. Only when Germany and Japan were defeated as a nation, democracy and (more important) a constitutional republic had a chance to succeed.