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Sep 5, 2012
So after months of research and having my heart firmly set on a mammoth vehicle (Suburban, Denali, Escalade) my husband suggested just "trying" the Chrysler T&C. Now why would I try one? I am currently driving one (2004) and am getting rid of it because our lease is up! Yippee, I am so excited to no longer carry the stigma of a soccer mom - afterall, my kids are getting so big!!! Ok, I succumbed. I drove it. I loved it. The kicker??? LOVED THE BUILT-IN BOOSTER SEATS! Wow, awesome. Tired of those things. (3 kids in boosters, one still in a car seat). So let's work the numbers. Great. Let's pick a color, great. Let's get it ordered!!! This is where Chrysler has TOTALLY DROPPED THE BALL. What? You show me this AWESOME minivan (that's strong and serious language!) but I can't even order it until DECEMBER 23??? To boot, they are just going into the manufacturing phase and won't be ready to ship UNTIL MARCH??? Thanks but no thanks Chrysler. You may have swivel seats that can only be used w/ the built in booster - but you don't have me as a customer anymore.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2007 on 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Review at Motherproof