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When people like yourself, Metropolitician, speak about the "shabby treatment of the native Americans", are you referring to such events as, say, the near-total wiping out of the Huron nation — warriors, squaws, and children — and the theft of the land of the Apaches? Well, then it might interest you that the people who wiped out the Hurons were the Iroquois and that those who stole the land of the Apaches — and who did their utmost to wipe out the people of Geronimo — were the Comanches… What is really galling about modern-day political correctness is that the revision is not a search for deeper truth; it is trying to bring across — what can at worst be termed a lie and what can at best be termed a fairy tale — the (false and rather ridiculous) idea that the Indians were almost akin to peaceful Tibetan Buddhists, stating that any other judgment is not "appropriate" and little short of scandalous. It is/was not appropriate to treat the Indians as savages? Not in today's times of political correctness, perhaps, which, again, is the effort to pass along the fairy tale that Indians were this super-race of peaceful and ecological beings in tune with the Earth. In fact, never in the history of the planet, perhaps, have there been peoples who fought as savagely as North America's Indians. After conquering the Aztecs, the Mayas, and much of Latin America, Spanish conquistadors were basically stumped on their move up through Northern America past Mexico. And many years later, European colonists had much less trouble conquering Africa than they did North America. Indian warfare was anything but even close to civilized. Often, the entire enemy tribe was wiped out, men, women, and children (except for the prisoners necessary to replenish the tribe's losses) and more than once, deaths came as a result of the most horrifying torture. Perhaps some will claim that this was payback, that the Whites brought this onto themselves, or that it was a "struggle for survival". Two remarks: first, it is remarkable that so-called human rights defenders who go berserk excoriating the Whites' "theft of land" (not to mention slavery, bombing during World War II, and the atrocities, alleged or otherwise, of modern-day American troops in Iraq, in Vietnam, etc etc etc etc etc) should suddenly find torture, baby-killing, genocide, and land appropriation OK when performed by a foreign "culture" (here, suddenly, judgment is inappropriate). Second, as stated with the Hurons above, this has nothing to do with Whites per se (and thus a struggle — an alleged struggle — for survival), as this was the way of war among tribes themselves! (See the Iroquois and Comanche treatment of, respectively, the Hurons and Apaches above.) Then again, modern anti-Americanism (and rants about "terrifying allegories of modern America") usually has to do with constructing simplistic fairy tales in which America's enemies or adversaries are depicted as nothing less than wholesome, peace-loving saints and strong American reactions to them are depicted as nothing but entirely gratuitous and inappropriate. As far as land theft is concerned, references to "Dancing with Wolves" ain't all bad. In the beginning of Lt. Dunbar's trek west, we see Kevin Costner and his (disgusting) companion traveling with their wagon mile after mile over unclaimed and unsettled land. Surely, it should not be totally incomprehensible that a family fleeing over-populated Europe should not find it abnormal to settle down on a piece of land and find it exaggerated that after months of work and planting and seeing no strangers, a band of warriors should ride up and claim the family was staying on the Indians' land? (As, indeed, happens with the family of the little white girl who grows up to become Stands With a Fist.) Surely, it should hardly be incomprehensible that when that family rode up to their neighbors' home (scores of miles away), they should deem it "savage" to find the house burning down, the wife and son dead and scalped, the baby with its head bashed in, and the husband tied to four posts in the ground with gashes all over his body and his privates cut off and stuffed into his mouth…
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