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I live 2 blocks from Miles End! A wonderful place, but I have not been in months. A few times I went and they were out of the smoked beef brisket, so arrive their early enough to get some!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on A Downtown Meal in an Uptown Place at Ruth Reichl
I love your books, I devour every word. You describe food in a magical way. I am only 26, but by the end of my life, I will be very happy to possess, even a tiny fraction, of your food knowledge. If I could trade lives with anyone for a day, I would choose you. Would you like to try out being a physical therapy student?!? Ha! Now a serious question, would you write about food if no one was to ever read it? To expand, what does writing about food accomplish for you? Does it complete your experience, or are you just giving us the privilege to experience food the way you do?
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on Notes from Paradise at Ruth Reichl
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Jan 12, 2011