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Each year, my husband and I flee the Florida summer for a few weeks, relocating to cooler climes. This year, we’re in London. Last night, we wandered into a bookstore. I love bookstores. Especially ones that aren’t in the US,... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell Back in the proverbial day, before there was social media and a correcting Selectric was the bomb, I used to hear this Business Rule a lot. I haven’t heard it lately, but it’s as true as ever,... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell A couple of weeks ago, Jeff posted about his Chemo Promo Conundrum. The core situation he described—an author confronting the problem of having to promote their books—is a common problem, I think, made immeasurably harder for Jeff... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell Last weekend, I read this essay in The Guardian when it was shared by novelist Steve Mosby. Despite it being published on April 1, it does not appear to be an April Fool's joke. The Guardian's April... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell I believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: words people and numbers people. Thankfully, being one doesn't preclude you using the other, but if you're more comfy with one or the other, stepping... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell My father was writing his Master’s Thesis about WB Yeats when I was born, and this, combined with our Irish family history, led to my being named after Ireland. When I was growing up, Erin was an... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell In March, many of you are heading for Honolulu for Left Coast Crime. Since I grew up there, I wanted to share some “insider” tips... Speaking of Tips... Living in Hawaii is expensive. VERY expensive. When tipping,... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell Have you noticed (I know you have) a plethora of Facebook posts lately that have a line at the end asking you not to share the post, but to copy and paste it? Sometimes it includes an... Continue reading
I’ve seen a lot of authors lately seeming to wonder whether their efforts are worth it. So let me tell you a little bit about yourself, from the perspective of a reader who is lucky enough to help connect books... Continue reading
Click here for Hate Has No Home Here on Facebook, where you can download online banners and printable signs. Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell Once upon a time, before email existed, we used to write letters, memos, and postcards. Letters and memos could be kept private in regular or inter-office envelopes, but postcards were different. They could be--and often were--read by... Continue reading
Happy New Year! If you’re reading this, chances are good that you survived 2016. For that, I think we all deserve a medal. Or chocolate. Or both. When it comes to marketing, I’m all for getting attention. And I fully... Continue reading
Wishing you a peaceful, happy, and safe 2017. Continue reading
I think that's perfectly reasonable, mostly because part of me still misses WordPerfect (but hey, part of me still misses my IBM Selectric, too!). It's the folks who can't (or won't) convert who make life difficult ;)
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by Erin Mitchell There’s been a post theme going around Facebook lately wherein people share ten unpopular—but not political—opinions. I wasn’t loving the posts because they seem to celebrate and encourage the negative...until I saw Rob Hart’s. Rob is (in... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell This time of year—and this year especially—we’re all thinking more about kindness. We all agree that acts small and large that bring a smile, comfort, a laugh, or a moment’s respite from the craziness of daily life... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell How are you doing? Everyone ok? One thing that’s true and nonpartisan about this political cycle is that it has certainly made social media a lot more...interesting. Whether we choose to share them publicly or not, most... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell This has been a helluva week. Regardless of your political leanings, we were all surprised by the results of the American presidential election (thanks, pollsters). Many of us were up way past our bedtimes on Tuesday, and... Continue reading
A week ago, many of you were in New Orleans either listening to fascinating panels, trying to figure out how the damn elevators worked, commenting on the heat and humidity, or hanging out in the bar (or Starbucks). If you... Continue reading
I’ve been terribly remiss in posting weekly...lots of explanations, but no excuses, and I promise to be better, and hopefully vaguely interesting! When Facebook launches new functionality, they tend to go all out, and Facebook Live is no exception. Side... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell A couple of days ago, Bryon Quertermous posed a great question on Twitter: Readers: Yay or nay on author newsletters? I've never liked them and think social media and my own website do a good job. Am... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell In case you’ve been stuck under a rock in a soundproof cocoon for the last several months, it’s election season in the good old U-S-of-A, and people have some strong opinions about candidates. We seem to be... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell I’ve been using the term “Book Advocate” for a few years now. It started because there were cases where “book blogger” or “reader” or even “loudmouth” didn’t quite describe the group I was referring to, even though... Continue reading
by Erin Mitchell This week, Philip Pullman, the patron of the Oxford Literary Festival, resigned because, he said, “that his position as patron of the festival “sat rather awkwardly” with his role as president of the Society of Authors, which... Continue reading
Happy 2016! Hoping your year is starting off right. Wanting to be way out ahead of the proverbial curve, here's my Best of 2016 list. It will be longer this time next year, but readers have some fantastic books to... Continue reading