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I have a few comments: First off, Hollywood's portrayal of PR through The Hills and Kell on Earth doesn't just do a disservice to men, it does a disservice to the whole industry. It gives all of us, men and women, the reputation of being b*tchy, mean executives who only care about who they're sitting next to at dinner and getting their clients into - or keeping them out of - US Weekly. My clients will never be in US Weekly, Page Six, or any other similar publication. Only a very small percentage of the industry is focused on that type of reputation management. Some of us in the profession spend our days thinking about things much more important than a Hollywood scandal. We think about banking regulations, and how to help a start-up succeed, and how to elevate smart, intelligent people who can offer real insight on a variety of issues as thought leaders. But my friends - and likely many of yours - probably still think that I spend mr day screaming on the phone about nonsense. Thank you, TV's portrayal of PR. Secondly, what's wrong with the industry celebrating the success of its women? Plenty of other industries celebrate the success of their male dominated executive ranks, and don't think twice about it. If our industry is one that helps promote women, and one that appreciates and respects the benefits the women bring to the workforce, what's the problem with that? If those women are deserving of there positions, the industry should be celebrating them! We are too quick to forget how many industries are not welcoming for women. Men have plenty of chances to succeed, be praised and earn more on the dollar than women. That doesn't mean that PR should shy them away, it just means that women have it hard enough - why can't we appreciate one industry that appreciates us? Why do we want to instead make it even harder for women to succeed in the working world than it already is?
Using a computer program (and Carl is right - a poorly done Photoshop job) to age the late Diana and place her in a fictional setting to wonder "what if" is simply disgusting and distasteful. The publication is called "Newsweek." Fictional "what ifs" are not news. They're fiction. It was a nothing but a cheap shot at selling magazines for shock value.
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Jun 29, 2011