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Hey - so I'm actually President of this group. First, I'm really glad that this video even made it to this website...again! Second, I totally understand what you guys are saying. However one thing you have to keep in mind is that a good a cappella group will never set out to imitate a song. Arrangements are meant to turn a song into something that belongs to the group, put their own sound and spin on it. So while she might not sound like Emily Haines, no one can doubt the badass-ness of Daniella's voice. The voices aren't comparable by any means, but both are fantastic. And I like the perc...then again I'm in the group, haha. Also, our venue for this concert really blew. Maybe someday we'll get a good quality in a good venue:-P Lastly, when this video first made its way to this website, Metric asked us to come to Canada and perform with them, so that's pretty much the ultimate compliment on this!
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