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What is the level of parent involvement in the education of these real or hypothetical students? Parent involvement is a top factor in successful student outcomes that is ignored here, possibly due to not liking to talk about accountability or perhaps due to not being able to easily coerce parenting with legislation. Strive for solutions to enable more parent involvement. Top findings, "Programs and interventions that engage families in supporting their children’s learning at home are linked to higher student achievement." Research on the impact of parental involvement is easy to find. Here's an excerpt the first one in a Google search, "What really works: major study findings "The SEDL [Southwest Educational Development Laboratory] report, A New Wave of Evidence, synthesizes research from 51 studies over the preceding decade to reach conclusions about the effect of parent involvement on student learning. While few of the studies were experimental or quasi-experimental in design and many were correlational or case studies, when synthesized, the report had positive findings. For example, SEDL found that students with involved parents, no matter their income or background, are more likely to: - Earn higher grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs - Be promoted, pass their classes and earn credits - Attend school regularly - Have better social skills, show improved behavior and adapt well to school - Graduate and go on to post-secondary education "Nonetheless, when drilling down to determine what types of involvement work best, SEDL found one common factor: 'Programs and interventions that engage families in supporting their children’s learning at home are linked to higher student achievement.'”
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"there is concern that online rental platforms, like Airbnb and VRBO, just might provide enough financial incentives to cause homeowners to switch long-term rentals to short-term vacation rentals." -- You are focusing on the WRONG cause. Have you seen the hurdles put in place for homeowners to "legalize" part of their own property to make it available to potential renters as "affordable housing?" I'd guess you would have a lame excuse that it must be very difficult for homeowners to make part of their home available to rent with some twisted story of how it helps poor people. Focus on the bigger problem of making it easier to create legal rental space. Our city needs less intrusion from the city counsel not more regulation.
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Jan 24, 2016