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Why is everybody on the head of unitedstatesofafrica? the guy has merely spoken his mind and you guys are throwing ugly words on him. I do share the same opinion with him. Scnc is nothing but a toothless bull dog. The scnc has no political or economic agenda. They have only plans A but no plans B. If we have independence today, what exactly are they going to do when we are as empty as a church house. Has the scnc ever presented any economic program to the southern cameroon people?Don't they know that they are fighting a fail battle?The problem we have is Biya and not separation. The problem the anglophones have is the same problem the francophones have. I stand for one and federated states of Cameroon period.
Those of you who are anti christ, I pity you people for the days of the Lord are just around the corner. Do not judge the pastor b/c he might just be an exception. let the almighty God judge him. For the man of God, we need people like you to completely liberate this world with the power given to you by the Lord almighty. The bible said, the judge shall live by faith and not by sight. So have faith in what the man of God is doing and let God alone be the one to judge him.
When i read the minister statement, i was shocked and even asked myself if this man knew what he just said. These are the types of people Biya like including in his government. Foreigners have alots to play in the democracy of any country because they see and tell the truth. No country can grow without foreigners and so they constitute a vital part of the progress of a country.
Mr Biya wants to plunge the country into a delimma before he finally give up, if he will ever. He knows fully well that the country is spending much on these good for nothing ministries. The more reason why he is creating these so called ministries with the same functions is just to compensates those who are very loyalt to him. The post of PM is eyed by everyone and that is why they went as far as selling the future of their children just that. All the ten provinces of Cameroon want the post and Inoni had shown a firm grip to that post.
"Even if a southern cameroonians ascends to la republiques presidency, we will still fight to oproot him". Mr rexon, this statement is a very fat lie. If an anglophone is giving the presidency today, all these talks about scnc will die down as anglophones problems will be partially solve. An anglophone knows the plights of the anglophones and will surely work to deliver to the anglophones. So all these scnc talks is because democracy in cameroon has been hijack by a satanic regime and an anglophone has been refused the right to rule the country. But let me ask you this question, isn't this scnc talk started after the 1990 presidential election? Just wait and see an anglophone ascends to power and you will nolonger hear of the scnc.
Original mukete, you are making a fool of yourself. Is there any cameroonians who cannot say a word in french?even our old mothers know how to say bonjour. If you hate fru ndi, simply say i hate his gutes and stop writing bullshits. Has mr Biya ever spoken english apart from reading it from a piece of paper? why didn't you say Ni John can not even speak good english that would have made some sense. All what you said that Fru Ndi auction kumba 11 and a seat in the west is baseless b/c you do not have the proves.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2007 on SDF Fires Five Mayors at Up Station Mountain Club
Sir, i don't think the problem with the sdf is that of leadership. I think they need to change their strategy as you rightly said above. Fru ndi is still the best leader for the party. You know change can only be delay but it can never be stop. The ambition of Biya and his gangsters is to render Fru Ndi and sdf useless before Cameroonians. There is nothing someelse would have done better than what had just happened. Maybe his successor is still to come but for now i believe there is non with huge courage to lead the party as him. Remember Moses in the bible lets the Israelites out of eygpt, but Joshua leads them to the promised land. So let us wait and see who God will choose to continue the struggle comes next convention.
Mr Wilson and Shalom I sincerely share the same opinion with you guys. The problem in the party is not that of leadership but discipline and loyalty. Remember the chairman said in the press conference in yaounde that, the party had splitted many time because some members wanted to join the Government inorder to fight their relatives who are in the Government. just as Kouakou said above, that during the 2004 election, Fru Ndi asked to be replace if the think there is a better candidate but they all voted for him. In the last convention, election was held and almost everybody voted for Fru Ndi and if the party thinks that the services of Fru Ndi is nolonger needed, then they should vote him out in the next convention. But i want you guys to understand that, there are many people supporting the party today just b/c of Ni John nothing else and believe me if you want the party dead completely, change the leadership. To me, Sdf is 100% fine under Fru Ndi dispise the fact that Biya and his gangsters have decided to frustrates the party ambitions for Cameroonians. war is never a solution to any problem and i stand by Ni John for that. As shalom said above, boycotting the parliament and councils would have been the best weapon against Biya as this will leave vaccant seats in the parliament and empty councils raising international awareness. In this situation, Biya would be left with no choice other than cancelling the elections. I STRONGLY PROPPOSE THAT CAMEROONIANS EXPECIALLY SDF MILITANTS SHOULD TAKE TO THE STREETS AGAINST THEIR PARTY DECISION TO GO TO THE PARLIAMENT. It is not every decisions of the party that we must accept.
Mr Fon, we share the same thought. Going to the parliament is something that will keep on worrying me as a true follower of the party. Reacting to what Ma Mary and Mr Nje said above, I believe they got it all wrong and i stand by the decision of NEC to sack the corrupt mayors. Justice must all time prevail. Parliamenterians were elected as individuals under their parties why councillors were elected under their party and after election, the council lists that won the elections, the councillors on the list will have to elect their mayors and this mayors remaind answerable to to the higher organ of the party which for the sdf is NEC. If any mayor at any time found corrupt or nolonger toiling the party line, will have to be replace. No mayor when in as independence candidate but under a political party. The action of the NEC is legal.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2007 on SDF Fires Five Mayors at Up Station Mountain Club
This madman's speech is making me sick. Does this man lives with realities or it is because he rules by decrees that he does not seem yet to realized that Cameroonians even in his native village hate his guts. Cameroonians have not even digested the bitter pills he gave us to swallow and now he came up again with his useless speech. Does he really thinks his fellowers love him? they are out for positions and money nothing else. Late Emmanuel Ebssy Ngum during his time with cameroon calling once said "what takes you up is what takes you down" and Biya should know that these very people keeping him up are the same people that will bring him down. A time will come when he will be baptists with fire. As Wilson said above, he owes Cameroonians alot apologies for pains and suffering he has inflicted on them. He also need to apologize for ignoring the 1972 declaration for equal right between anglophones and francophones.
I don't seem to understand why you guys are arguing. Are you poeple saying that b/c these guys were elected that they do nolonger have to secumb to the authories of their party? have you guys forgotten that it was under the banner of the party that they were elected? To me, they must toil the party line and if at any time found by the party to be corrupt and irresponsible must be replace immediately. We of the sdf are for justice and justice must all time prevail. I support the decision of NEC. If you guys are saying that b/c they were elected and can not be stop by the party from carrying their functions, then there is no need calling on the sdf to boycott parliament b/c those parliamenterians are also elected by their subjects to respresent them. No need for boycott.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2007 on SDF Fires Five Mayors at Up Station Mountain Club
Unitedstatesofafrica, the point is not whether Ni John is short of margic but simply that the party has grown many lions'' that even Ni John does nolonger have authority over the party. Even if Ni john advocated for a boycott, many would have eaten him raw expecially those whom biya decided to allow into the parliament. As Mukete said above,'SDF is nolonger the sdf of the 90th. The party has many Lions who are at this point ready to disappoint their chairman and go to parliament if he does say boycott. This is absolutely Greed. Changing the leadership of the party will be like adding petrol to the already existing flame and to the best of my knowledge, Fru remainds the best leader for the party."remember Ben Muna".
The SG statement above is very very disappointing and it makes me sad and sick. can somebody advise them to boycott? What do we call this? Is it love for money or fear of being splits up by those who manage to gain positions in the parliament and councils?
BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT everything sdf and you will emerge much more stronger.
oppositions boycott
Once more Alexis Dipanda had proven his incompitent by endorsing cpdm victory. By him throwing away 84 out of 103 petitions forwarded by the oppositions means victory had been given to the cpdm. My question to all Cameroonians on this forum is "now that victory had been given to the cpdm, what next for cameroonians? Should we take the few seats and councils given to us by Biya or what next? I'm completely disappointed with the supreme court of Cameroon. No judge's hands are ever tied and so what he had declared is what he had been told to do and what he also want to to inorder to keep his top job. History will hold him and biya responsible oneday.
Rexon, ma mary, Mukete, M nje and the rest, It surprises me when you guys are all point accusing fingers to the sdf and it leaders as being a stumbly block to our indepedence. If we are accusing NI JOHN as being the obstacle to our independence, what then do we called Inoni, Achidi Achu, Fon Angwafor, B Ndeh, NFon mukete,Nnoko Mbelle? don't you guys know that Achidi and Inoni have told the UN that there is no anglophone's problem? Do you guys remember that sdf is a political party and not a pressure group as scnc? The sdf is there to fight for all Cameroonians and not only for us the anglophones b/c even the francophones are suffering too. In the netherlands where i live, there are francophone cameroonians seeking assylum onder scnc and sdf.Do you think they are happy with the situation of the country? No. The point i'm trying to make here is that the scnc can still succeed with or without the sdf if God willing but the above mentioned persons have to taking care of iether by assasination or any form. If prof. Calson Anyangwe said the sdf was created to fight for the anglophones course then why did he take part with the sdf in 1992 prsidential election?
Simplice I agree with you ont he point that"how can inexistent democracy be proven without participating in an election.The sdf Had proven once more to the world that there is no democracy in Cameroon and that the CPDM is afraid of the oppositions particularly the sdf that is why the election had to be rigged in all the ten provinces in favour of the cpdm. shalom also mentioned the fact that the sdf should boycott the councils and parliament even if geven all the 74seats it's suppose to have won. I share the same opinion with you but don't you think that boycotting the councils and parliament will cost a total collapse of the party?. You know that they are members that have invested huge sum of money for this election and they are eager to take their seats either in the council or parliament. My own suggestion is that if the sdf are awarded upto 62 seats, they should accept and go in as this will avoid internal problems within the party. They will also use their numbers to block any constitutional changes in the parliament.
Mr M Nje, You said greed is what is pushing the sdf to take up councils and parliamentary seats. But let me ask you this question"is sdf the only opposition party in Cameroon? why is it that you guys never talked of CDU, UPC NUDP and the rest? you guys are always attacking fru Ndi and calling him names for nothing. The Man had simply told us the reasons why the party decided to go in for the twin elections and you guys are blaming him. Another question i want to ask you is"was it Yarádua who frauded the election in Nigeria or Obasanjo? Yarádua to me never frauded any election but Obasanjo did in favour of him. I know that you guys hate the guts of FRU NDI that is why everythings he says or does is never good.
There was no need for Biya to organised lections instead he should have hand picked deputies and mayors since he is above the law. As late Ebssy Ngum onces said"what takes you up is what takes you down. A time will come when Biya and his alites will be baptist with fire and that time is just around the corner. I salute the reporter above for the courage and risks he took in telling Cameroonians the truth b/c not all reporters will risks their lives like him. My advise to the sdf is that, anything less than 62seats, they should stay out of parliament and councils as this will creat a huge vaccum and chaos in the country which will probably raise an alarm to the inernational communities. They should not think of the huge sum of money they spent in the elections but the people they are trying to free from the hands of the devil first. We cameroonians are behind them and God will always bless them. Long live sdf and its leadership.
This stupid DO. He can abuse us in our own area afterall power is in their hands. God will fight for us for we are not going to go into war with them.
you guys should porpose ideas and not attack one another.
Rexon, legima Doh, ma Mary and the rest of scnc members on this forum, I salute you guys. You guys were right with your prediction on the outcome of the results of the twin elections. We of the sdf (particularly me), is not rejecting scnc ideologies but how can we be talking of sessesion when almost all our chiefs have been bought upon by biya. You saw how they were all campanyig for biya in the just passed election. How can we be talking about our own independence when the prime minister of la republique is anglophone (second in command), when 3/4 of the anglophone populations are not in support. how can we be talking of separation when biya has successfully turned anglophones angainst fellow anglophones. A southwesterner is looking at a northerner as a settler. A stranger in his own country. If scnc has to succeed, we first of all have to get the tradictioner rulers to their senses. With that, we can be able to reach its subjects . As for the sdf, my advise is that they should just stay out of biya's parliament. There is nothing they can do that will cause any impact in the parliament. Is a shame for cameroonians expecially those that carried on multiple voting in the election.