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JJ Thompson
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My dear friend, please refrain from generalising based on personal experiences. Go into the community and do your homework before you post an article on such a topic. I would love to see numbers. By numbers, I mean percentages of what ever you are trying to portray, based on a sample. Thanks
Mr Dipoko, with all due respect, labeling someone else's article as "Absolute trash" because you disagree with the contents of the article shows your lack of professionalism. After having read several of your articles, there are some I realy do like and there are some I do not like at all. But I won't call them trash because there is a reason why you or anyone else has a different perspective over a particular topic of discussion. As a professional, I would say "I disagree with your point of view" instead of labeling it "Absolute trash" Have a wonderful day
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Nov 30, 2009