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So will be left with our pants down (with Putin‘s war looming) growing corn for corn ethanol when we already know the market for wheat is going to explode and the need for edible food it’s going to go way up promoting E 15 sounds like a stupid idea.
So we have a product that was terrible and now is better now, and has been moved to a new category of just very bad. Currently no environment group is in favor of corn ethanol. They are still saying that the environment damage from using corn ethanol is higher than using plain gasoline instead.
I use solar at my off grid house to power my electric car and a heat pump to heat the house, where are the comparison for that, in this article.
BP is now into rain forest destruction, if the ocean was not enough.
I don't see myself trading my Tesla model 3 for one of these, but like seeing Honda getting into the game, wish Toyota would get in the game.
Maybe if the pollution is less at the tail pipe it can counter the damage making corn ethanol causes, like polluted water from fertilizer, insecticide pollution, ozone pollution, and a host of others.
It would have been nice to see the charts to verify this story. Maybe they don't want us to see something.
The EPA can not change the law that limits vapor pressure of gasoline. Congress set these limits and they are the only one who can change it. Trump and the EPA are breaking the law here. This Country is falling apart now that Trump makes laws, not congress, as was intended by the Constitution.
Getting rid of the corn ethanol mandate imposed by the federal government, would go a long way in reducing the threat to persons who breath air.
Electric cars emit far fewer emissions from brakes. Fact the brakes are so unused they last the life time of the electric car.
To bad the environmental consequences of making corn ethanol will be devastating to the United States, according to every environmental group in America.
This is good that everybody is now finding out why CO2 from corn ethanol is higher that just using plan gasoline. Just look at how much CO2 comes off of the corn ethanol in just the fermentation process.
With pesticides causing so much VOC pollution you can see why every environmental group is against corn ethanol as a replacement for plain gasoline.
Farm land was once covered with native vegetation sequestering CO2 until the farmer ripped out the forests or grass lands to change it to crop land The pro ethanol people think corn should get credit for sequestering CO2 when in fact the grassland or forests sequestered more CO2 than the corn crop that replaced it.
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Aug 24, 2017