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Hmmm. 1. That amendment was defeated, thank God! Basically it was an automatically increasing legal immigration cap. Every year the legal immigration cap was met, it would automatically increase by 20%. Imagine the parable of the rice grains and the chess board applied to immigration. 2. The actual maximum, over 20 years, was approximately 193 million. 3. Not all illegals are Mexicans. 4. The amendment applied to legal immigration, not illegal. So there's no difficulty in crossing the border as they would have been doing it in a bus or airplane. 5. The principle of the Tragedy of the Commons would have applied in this case. Essentially both Mexican and OTM illegals would have applied to bring their families into America soon after they achieved citizenship. This would have automatically forced the legal immigration to the cap. This would have triggered the automatic +20% increase to the maximum allowed legal immigration. Repeat. At some point the Mexican population desiring to immigrate would slack off, but the slack would be taken up by non-Mexican illegals trying to bring their families into America. So whatever the population of Mexico is, is irrelevant. Something that I've had to repeat about two dozen times in the past three days. Frankly I think had this amendment be implemented it would have destroyed America as a country and converted it into a balkanized hell.
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Hmmm. 1. Deliberately making a second class citizen is something that I would never approve. The most basic fundamental aspect of America is that the prinicple, if not reality, of equality must exist. I grew up as an AmerAsian in South Korea. And there's no kind of second class citizen anywhere in the world than being both asian and the child of an American soldier. It is a peculiar hell. 2. The US military is an extremely technologically advanced fighting force. Most illegal aliens are largely uneducated and would be completely unsuitable for any position whatsoever. In fact the US military is evolving very quickly towards even more technological proficiency. And adding uneducated and technologically impaired soldiers to the military is a complete non-starter. 3. I agree that illegals are creating a labor black market. That's easily seen at any place where day laborers congregate. 4. Regularization of illegals won't change anything because the cause of illegals, the labor black market, would continue to draw in more illegals. Instead what would happen is that regularized illegal aliens, now legal aliens or some such, would be in the unenviable position that many poor and under-educated Americans are in now. Namely competing with illegal aliens for jobs.
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Hmmmm. Frankly I'm waiting for Nintendo's Wii. What an idiotic name, but it did get media exposure. Still an idiotic name. And one I don't know how to pronounce. Is it Wii as in "weee"? Or is it Wii as in "why"?
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Hmmmm. What offends me a lot are: 1. The National Guard troops are going to be there on two week rotations! That's right. They're going to be there for their two week training exercises. So "up to" 6,000 NG soldiers travel to the border, though *which* border isn't specified, spend two weeks unpacking their stuff and then pack it all up again and leave. Why not just hire civilian contractors to do this stuff? That's the current policy for the US military. Anything that doesn't absolutely require a soldier is to be offloaded onto a contractor. 2. We can deport 6,000,000 but we're somehow unable to deport 12,000,000? Frankly I think that number is far too low. They're crossing at around 3 million a year now, so there's no way it's just 12 million. I think it's closer to 20 million. 3. So. We legalise 20 million illegals and now they all want their families to join them. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and kids. Assume each illegal will bring in 5 relatives. 20 million illegals x 5 ---- 100 million *new citizens* + 20 million ---- 120 million If it's 10 relatives then the number jumps to 200 million + 20 million = 220 million. Anybody else see a problem with adding 220 million unassimilated foreigners in less than 20 years? Particularly since most of them will come from heavily leftist and socialist backgrounds? 4. The most elementary principle of conservatism is for individuals to excel. It's pretty hard for individuals to excel when there aren't any job opportunities for them because illegals have taken them. Look at construction. There's enormous amounts of construction all over this nation. Contractors are begging for workers. Funny enough they're not begging Americans to work though. As a first generation immigrant myself I feel for these people. But this country has to look out for it's own citizens first.
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