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Aaron Beninson
You may qualify for a variety of positions in Rudy, depending on length of service:Having worked for three to four years, you can apply for the position of adviser-analyst (AU) or the senior consultant-analyst (the SAC).Having worked for more than five years, you can apply for the position of adviser.We will determine and correct the level of the position, if necessary, on which you can rely, in interviews. ERUDU.Com is leading portal of search and selection of experts and consultants who work experience exceed 30-40 years.Required experience accumulates or one year, so employers are rarely willing to take, too young specialist. ''The age limit'' for top managers at the level of 30-40 years. Other requirements for the individual applicant, according to Julia Vinci, is the presence of ''inner core'', the ability to take responsibility and delegate authority, skills, control, planning and vision of the situation a few steps forward. Matters and sex of the candidate. For example, in the technical sector, preference is given to men. In the financial sphere the gender factor does not play a special role, and to positions of general and executive directors of women candidates is considered extremely rare.Not only gender but also ethnicity are often a key factor in the choice of the professional. The term "top manager" is of foreign origin, and that abroad, from the point of view of many employers should seek the most powerful managers, because with them are purchased already tested in practice modern methods and schemes of work.In the US labor market is still a shortage of professionals in the field of management, particularly in those sectors which have not previously been developed in the country (for example, in the retail trade), so the attraction of Oriental specialists in the sector - a natural phenomenon. Managers of foreign companies with expertise in the field of operational technologies, marketing strategy, the vision of market trends, IT-technologies, share their experience with USA companies.
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Mar 18, 2016