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I'm feeling discouraged because no one of my family belive and trust God, I don't have an evangelic church in my area (I live in a strong catholic country!), I am a signle mother, and since I'm back to my country I can't find jobs in my profession which I love in massage therapy just because over here (Italy) my diploma I got from the States (where I lived and worked for a while) is not recognized. I'm trying to build my own cliental and I've rented a space from a clinic but I'm not having enough clients to make a living so now I'm looking for a waiting job....I know God has a plan for my life and this situation I'm living is for a reason....bu I'm still struggling with doubts, fears, and feelings of failure. Please Pray that our Father in Heaven would strengthen my faith, lead me according to His will, and fix all the mess in my life. And Please, Pray for my mother and brother that they will find in Jesus Christ their Hope. Thank you
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Feb 1, 2010