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I thing fundamental reasons behind sprawl is quality living (i.e. green space, distance from urban violence, relatively close proximity to essential services (medical, food), and most importantly, price of property. As one of the many enjoying the negative benefits of the current economy, I've had to move and downsize. I wanted to move closer to the city to be able to cut down commuting time to different customers. Instead, I had to move way out to where to find an apartment I could afford. Cost of transportation is climbing by 10% but, that still is $700+ a month cheaper than living in an urban apartment. (And I get to be in biking range of some really nice green space) You want people to live near public transit, put rent control in place and drive the rent price down to 1/2 to 1/3 of what it is now. Otherwise, it's to your economic advantage move outward and get a car. The reason I say cars are to your advantage is that there are far more employers, schools, discount stores that are not accessible by public transit than those that are. Greater opportunity for self-improvement, job changes for economic improvement, and minimizing expenditures on goods and services generally added to a better quality of life. At the same time, I really agree that we need to get off oil. I used to believe that hybrids and electric vehicles would be sufficient but I'm seeing more and more examples showing the political and financial cost of lithium batteries pretty much shoots that dream in the head. maybe ban all in city transport except 2 wheels? motorscooters anyone? :-)
area of service, fares and transit time put busses/subways at a disadvantage to personal transit vehicles especially the two wheeled variety (scooters/electric bicycle/motorcycles). sjc, moving closer to work is not really an answer. I changed jobs on the order of once every year and a half. That would mean I would have to move every year and a half. That means I would never own a house or have any sort of connection to community. If I had a partner with the job, our relationship would end when I moved because of work. I believe that in the future, finding an employer close to home will work the first time but not the second or third because there will not be enough "talent" to justify that concentration of employers in a given domain Or field. The alternative model means sticking with a job that eats your soul. When my grandparents get tired of moving for every job, my grandfather stuck with a lousy job, they were miserable. frankly, living 10-20 years in a community and commuting off-peak to jobs within 30 min has been a good quality of life.