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Jeremy Esland
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Something is bugging me about this camera and I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere. If its full and official name is the "EOS M" then it is surely the only camera in their entire line-up that doesn't carry a number in its model name. So what are they going to call the next one? The EOS M1, followed by the M2, etc.? I don't think Leica would like that. Can't be EOS 1M, 5M, etc. either - unfavourably parallel to 1D, 5D and so on. This, along with the curiously disjointed feature set and obvious "overlap avoidance", suggests that this is a stop-gap release, a finger in the dyke while they finish work on something truly game-changing. When that comes to market they can quietly drop the EOS M along with its no-way-forward naming pattern.
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Aug 3, 2012