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Joe or no Joe,I will bet on Mark Twain when he precised that no republic can successfully become an Empire bc it willhave to suppress liberties back at home.America vote Mccain and say goodbye to "the American Imperium"
SHUT UP,this idiot called Rexon.Look am in Cameroon presently and I can say that the fight gainst corruption is long from over,there have been remarkable progress.We don't just oppose for the sake of opposition.And by the way what's your business with "Camerounese" polititics.Fight against corruption in "Ambazonia" idiot
This feeble minded dimwit called Rexon,whose SCNC rhetoric has turned him into psychopat.Whatever concerns anglophones,concerns all and sundry.Sit in E'pe and continue with your SCNC rhetoric.Bunch of barking dogs.
He who comes to Equity,must come with clean hands.
Many Cameroonians are wondering what is really going on within Biya's entourage.With the Albatross Affair and the mysterious death of his Chief cook in mysterious circumtances a month ago plus the fact that it's alledged that the bodyguard is from the Bulu tribe and is a relation to Gen.Semengue. Whether the suppositions it's definitely clear that there's something amiss in the president's entourage.Is this a case of the chicken's coming to roost?Only time shall tell
ANOTHER NEWS BRIEF FROM CAMEROON/ Paul Biya's bodyguard(names haven't been made known) is alledged to have stolen a suitcase belonging to the septuagenarian president containing millions of FCFA.It is alledged that the bodyguard then boarded a plane for Geneva(Switzerland).It's further rumoured that he was apprehended by Biya's secret services and is now back in Cameroon behind bars.On every street corner in Cameroon the news is being discussed either in hush tones or openly.
Of recent,some ANC big shots have expressed anxiety on the level of preparedness of the party in the event of an election.Unity in the party during these trying times should on no occasion be compromised and should remain sacrosanct.The ANC must march into April united and in locked steps.Bc the ANC has a historic duty to the blacks of SA and to the rest of Africa.And where the ANC shall permit sectarianism consequently leading to its defeat in any elections,they shall never be forgiven by the martyrs,heroes and liberation fighters of yesterday and a whole continenet that looks upon her as a role model today.The ANC must lead SA "ad infinitum".So that the blackman of SA and of Africa should be empowered and take their rightful place on the World stage.
Just ab't 14 yrs in power and after more than 75 yrs of of battling against Apartheid,the ANC faces a great challenge from the Democratic Alliance(DA),the main opposition party in SA,dominated by the white minority in SA.And th white minority hasn't yet said their last word.They are bent on retaking power in SA which according to them is "God-given".Their spectacular performance in local and legislative elections is worrying and vexing for some of us who donot want to see the whiteman come anywhere near power in Africa.Their intent has been to impress on the minds of SAfricans that only whites can manage a flourshing and modern economy like that of SA.Unfortunately for them,Mbeki did a great job of stabilising the economy more than any regime has ever been able to do.
Whether Mbeki did a great job at the helm of the SA ship or whether his Presidency didn't live up to expectation is of little importance to full-blown,diehard Afrocentrics like me,who see a rising danger to the ANC hegemony.This great party which embodies the hopes and aspirations of not only the millions of black SAfricans but that of a whole continent.The risk of an exodus in the party at this point in time when several ministers have tendered their resignations after Mbeki's demise is frightening for diehard Pan-Africanists. This is indeed the first time the ANC throughout the struggle to end Apartheid and just over a decade since it came to power is facing an internal crisis that is threatening its unity.The Mbeki/Zuma standoff has created 'cracks' in the party that must be expediently refilled and cemented.These political nemesis must throw down the gauntlet a nd should never forget the great sacrifices they made during the struggle,neither should they lie on their laurels bc the battle to raise the blackman of SA and by extension the blackman of Africa to live the dreams for which the ANC was created is far from being won.
Mbeki entered the "glorious shoes" of Nelson Mandela to lead SA,at a time when the fever and excitement of a post Apartheid SA was still very high.Infact,many know him more as Madiba's successor than by his own name.I think the problem with Mbeki stemmed amongst other things not only from his long years in exile,bc its believed to have uprooted him from the daily realities of the grassroots and propelled him to embrace the new black aristocracy that has engaged in a dangerous pattern while more than 40% of SAfricans live on the breadline. The man's tenure also had the hallmarks of controversy when he 'refused' to prioritise the AIDS epidemic as a national "catastrophy" by not accepting the allocation of funds for the fight against the disease.This alienated him against a large swath of SA's populace especially the womenfolk though his arch rival Zuma's blunt assertion that washing himself after a sexual spree could cure the disease,was the most horrifying response yet by a politician in recent times. Mbeki,drove a capitalist oriented economic system but couldn't check excesses from his aids and collaborators.People like his VP,Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka came into his presidency more as viruses.
China is the best development partner we can ever dream of having.In shouting contrast with the West,through its imperialist,exploitative,paternalistic and thieving approach to business on the continent,has alienated and antagonised the vast majority of Africans who see in China,their best hope. All maynot be a roller coaster ride with Sino-Africa relations,but like any relationship the underlying fundamental should be MUTUAL RESPECT.This the West doesn't know,and its exactly what the Chinese have used to win the Heart of Africa.I would prefer the Chinese devil,to the Western angel,anywhere,anytime. Small wonder all roads are leading to China.Western arrogance hasn't helped them either especially with the failed,Structural Adjustment Plans,the Debt Saga,the EU-Africa partnership agreements etc have all ledf Africans to believe that its now time to turn from looking Westwards to Eastwards.And they are reassured bc Africa shall never,never,never again suffer from the same colonialism that the West inflicted on them. The jealoused Western press has claimed that China has come to replace the West's Imperialism.This is a farce.China would never become an Imperialist nation over Africa.For its interests,it would be wise for her to deal with us more humanely.And that's what she has perfectly understood.
China,Africa's historical economic partner has done in 37 years what the UK,US,France,Belgium put together couldn't do in more than 250 yrs,spanning through slavery,colonialism and neo-colonialism.China's partnership with Africa,since the very early days of our Liberation Wars and later on by jostling and boosting our economies while carrying out magnificent and gigantic infrastructural edifices(roads,hospitals,schools,stadia etc etc).The Yaoundé Congress Hall(Palais des Congrés) is a shouting embodiment of Sino-Cameroon relation. Out of Cameroon and on the continent,China has lived up to expectation with gigantic projects like the Tanzam Railwayline,dams and power hydraulic centres and otherbreath-taking projects from Cape to Cairo and from Monrovia to Addis Ababa.
The political terrains in Zimbabwe and Cameroon are not the same and their colonial past have influenced the evolution of the political opposition in different ways.In Cameroon,NJFN has made alot of concessions and compromises since the advent of multipartism.We may accuse him of this or that,but I hold that whatever decisions were taken was for the good of the people.Tsvangirai isn't as constant as Peterkins Manyong tries to portray.He has had his own share of 'flip flops' just within the short time he has been at the helm of the opposition as compared to Fru Ndi. Like when he publicly called for a second round in the last Presidentials and then turned around and boycotted the elections despite popular calls within the MDC not to boycott and with many who called the boycot a 'betrayal' to those who died during the violence. And was that being 'unbending' when he initially refused the terms of the power sharing deal which kept much power in Mugabe's hands and then to turn around and later on accept it? When even MDC Speaker of Parliament and other Legislators were at odds with the deal? Whatever,NJFN has a choice place in the hearts of many on the continent.And when Cameroon had its own share of political instability in the early '90's,and Zim was relatively peaceful,the rest of the world heard more ab't Zim than Cameroon.Perhaps,it can rightly said that Tsvangirai's cause has benefitted from the expropriation of 'White lands' and gained the support of the West.Had we had such a scenario,maybe the situation would've been different in Cameroon. BTW,where are those who claim that NJFN is unschooled or is an 'illiterate',they should check out on Tsvangiraai's education.Atleast,our NJFN had a bookshop where he could from time to time read books. SDF POWER TO THE PEOPLE
Sanctions have almost always been a catalyst for tyrants to squeeze their grip on power and to unleash an orgie of violence on their people.Zimbabwe is still fresh in our minds.Cameroon doesn't need sanctions for Biya to go and the West has different measures for different peoples.Of what importance is this c'ntry important to the US or UK,for these to impose penalties on her? Do we have 'white settlers' whose lands have been expropriated like in Zimbabwe? Haven't we realised that sanctions are often tied to the degree of importance of that c'ntry to the West and that these penalties have racial connotations? Or don't we know that the West's "benevolent sanctions" are often metted out on rebellious and unruly 'head boys' who dare 'curse the hand that fed them'?
No way,no how,the West shall never bring Change to our societies.How can we learn this,how can the negro ever understand this?CHANGE SHALL ONLY COME THROUGH THE INVISIBLE WILL OF A PEOPLE,RESOLVED TO END TYRANNY.Sanctions have never ushered in change anywhere on the continent.Libya,Apartheid South Africa,Zimbabwe etc.And even when change did come to some of these c'ntries,it was a direct consequence of the people's determination to cast off oppression and not on Western penalties per se. This heavy reliance on the West as a panacea for our political woes in Africa,isn't only a tacit acknowledgment of our powxerlessness,but it might be a frightful indicator that a whole generation(on whose shoulders the salvation of this continent reposes) might have indeed given uop on the 'Soul of Africa'.I fear this shouldn't be the case.Bc if it is,then we are lost.
Despite these obstacles,the African Diaspora must realise that it is the last best hope for the continent and that its participation in the struggle for the unification of the continent is primordial.And the leadership in Africa have a duty to treat diasporans with dignity and consider them as partners in reconstructing our economies and a force that would help bolster a United Africa. However,for the Diaspora to have a positive impact on the continent,it must unite and speak with one voice.African Diasporans must shun passivity,egocentrism and should have an unconditional,unalloyed and an unquestionable love for Mother Africa.They must believe in their abilty to lift Africa from the doldrums.
It's interesting to note that ECOSOCC has structures that incorporates the African Diaspora in policy making and formulation of this supra structure.An indication that the participation of the African Diaspora to the realisation of the African Union ideal is fundamental.A recognition of the growing importance of the Diaspora in continental affairs. Contrary to what happens in our c'ntries where the Diaspora is seen as a threat to regimes which are still under the spell of neo-colonialism and imperialism.Regimes which bully and keep out diasporans from policymaking and are impervious to to external ideas that can usher in economic growth and turn around our societies.Despite the glaring fact that diasporans contribute enormously to our local economies.
Thank u CountryFowl for serving us this moving and emotional piece of our history.Let no African,wherever he/she resides should ever forget the wrongs that the whiteman has exacted on our people and on our beautiful continent.The memory of these crimes should remain indelible in our collective memory.It should fire in us the spirit of resistance against established and instituted Imperilaism.We are one people and we should be prepared to risk life and limb to overthrow Imperialism. We must take back this continent and become Masters of our hemisphere. GOD SAVE AFRICA.
Correction:Like they did when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Charles Taylor could turn the whole West Africa into a War zone,though the US had the power to stop him,they gave him the green light and armed him while at the same secretly arming his opponents so as to keep the civil Wars alive,while secretly exploiting "Diamonds". Yes,Homme,for all these and more God should Curse America and I know God has heared my prayer.And there are many Americans even who kneel down every day and pray for God to curse her.Rev.Wright a pentecostal christian like u is one of them.Homme,I never,never,never even in my wildest dream or even in the secret recesses of my mind dreamt of living in the US,so don't even imagine that I would one day fake a visa to live there.I even remember that an ucle had suggested that I come and study in the US while I was 21,I vehemently turned it down. America is a curse to this World.Maybe its a blessing to Western nations,but to Africa,she's our worst nightmare.Everywhere America has started on the continent,it has been chaos.Remember Somalia.And please,leave our c'ntries,leave Cabinda(Angola),remain in your cold during Winters and don't come and disturb our flora and fauna in the guise of Tourism.Stay in your cold. GOD CURSE AMERICA.
Gen.Romeo Dallaire,the Canadian who led the UN Peace Keeping Force in Rwanda at the time of the Genocide points an accusing finger at Western powers and especially the US for allowing the Genocide to degenerate.The US'policy towards Africa has been nothing less but Racial. George W. Bush has the audacity to point his bloody fingers at Mugabe,meanwhile the human rights situation in Zimbabwe has been far less protracted than that of decades of human rights violations in the decades of civil war in the DRC.The US backed Apartheid South Africa and it is only of recent that she shamelessly stroke the Great Man of Africa;Madiba Nelson R. Mandela from their stinking and hypocritical list of "terrorists".They forget that,one man's terrorist is another man's Freedom fighter. Why didn't the US intervene militarily against Russia in the recent Georgian Crisis?Like they did when Saddam Hussein invaded Iraq?Do u know why?Bc they didn't have the "balls" to do that.They had met their match.Russia would've rained a 'blitzkrieg' on the US.
Millions of people(women and children) died in Zaire(Congo) and neighbouring states as a direct/indirect result of policies hatched in Washington and executed by Mobutu.The man even claimed that George Bush Sr helped raise his children in the Bush household.This is evidence of the deeply entrenched ties between Mobutu and the US Chief Executives.America's aim was to prevent a strong civil society from being created and to create weak and fragile states that could be remote controlled from Washington via their "Strongmen" whom they kept in power to oversee their interests. America's multinanational extractive companies are the bloodiest that have ever been established on this continent.They have helped to turn this Africa into Hell on Earth.Their shady deals with dictators,reckless exploitation of our resources and involvelment in civil wars have brought misery to millions of Africans.The case of Sierra Leone and Liberia are glaring. During the Rwandan Genocide,the US thwarted a world responseto the Rwandan Genocideand only acknowledged the word "genocide" in reference to the progrom only after almost a million Rwandans had been butchered and hacked to death.
The US has been involved in the most bloodiest conflicts on the continent and she created the most bloodhound tyrants to ever walk on the face of this continent.The most notable crime against the African people by the US was her direct involvement in the assassination of one of the most illustrous statesman this continent has ever known;Patrice Emery Lumumba.US president Eisenhower's order to physically elimibate this African hero plunged the Congo into decades of civil war. This man was the incarnation of a true politician,the prerequisite for a real independent Africa.From the ashes of Lumumba,the Americans created the Joseph Désiré Mobutu,the most brutish tyrant to walk the face of this contient.With almost four decades of service to the US,this billionaire thief incarnated the US-Africa policies.Mobutu's Zait-re became an incubator for genocidal wars,subversion,disease,social disruption etc.Through his connivance,hundreds of US backed mercenaries roamed Africa and formented coup d'états that distabilised the contienet from Cape to Cairo and from Monrovia to Addis Ababa.
Sorry for the above,faulty pc.Shall be back on Imperialist America
Homme, Well,I take u don't know this person.However,yes,China is building Africa bc of her interesst in Africa.What's wrong in building schools,hospitals,developing infrastructure,building roads,football stadia dams etc etc in exchange for raw materials? China has made it abundantly clear,that it has nothing to do with our internal politics and they are right,bc we are independent nations.