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Corpus Christi Texas
Beauty Lies With-in
Interests: makeup,skincare,fashion,style,technology,polymer clay,
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Nov 23, 2013
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Nov 1, 2011
I agree with you I bought so many eyeliner pencils and makeup due to my traveling around I hate having to pack up allot of stuff and not knowing do I need this or that so I just go and if I do need makeup ect i just buy more for what i need for then and too I like to try different products, well I came to notice some interesting things with different brands but the pencils them self were the same just another name on them, I found Germany made ones was great quality right brand name your going to get a bargain, then some of the other country's that made pencils were not as good.I will do some comparing on what i have that you haven't mention and share to cause you are so so so right on point here..
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Oct 7, 2011