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How can Daniel Pipes seem to be so knowledgeable on one hand -- yet so horrifically ignorant about that which he seems to know, on the other hand?????
Toggle Commented May 17, 2013 on Pipes is Tolerated, Geller is Not at Atlas Shrugs
Yes, he should. He should also study history. Until then, he should refrain from commentary.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2013 on Pipes is Tolerated, Geller is Not at Atlas Shrugs
Yeah, right. When someone just 'learns' that her husband is the #1 suspect in a bombing -- murdering people and blowing the legs off others -- the 'innocent' thing to do is to call her scumbag husband but NOT the police? She is at least guilty of aiding and abetting -- at the very least. I highly doubt that's the extent of her involvement BUT even IF it is, that is criminal enough.
The Rabbi is a wimp. He should have told Inspector Ricky Veerappan to stuff it.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2013 on Blowback at Atlas Shrugs
Yes. Apparently, going into the bomber's apartment/dorm and removing evidence is "fully cooperating, as well.
Yes, the majority does seem to want to believe its an insignificant, fringe element. One would think that the Boston attack would open some eyes, and it did seem to open a few. Very few. What What WHAT is it going to take to get people to take their frickin' blinders off?!? It would help if the government/media didn't go out of their way to hide the thwarted plot -- or to try to obscure the relationship to Islam. Since that's doesn't seem to be happening, the only wake-up call will come too late; when more and more attacks are successful. When people are hit over the head with it, literally. Wake up people! Do you really want it to come to that? It will if you let it.
Why oh why would these foolish little girls go ANYwhere with a stranger? Let alone, these psycho, creepy strangers? Deport all of them. They belong in prison but Western taxpayers should not have to pay for their stay. Send 'em back to the hell-hole they came from. FIRST, chop off their units and "brand" their foreheads with RAPIST. And don't issue visas to ANY more of them of these scumbags from Islamic infested, terrorist breeding countries.
UnFrickinBelievable!!! Can you imagine the outrage if this were a no-Muslim plan???
Sorry, Jan - that is incorrect. Both parents do not need to be US citizens in order for their US-born child to be a natural-born citizen.
No, did not - would not miss that. You were great, Pamela. You conducted yourself with grace and professionalism by refraining from making assumptions about the authenticity of the newly released document... and only noting that the document is titled, "Certificate of Live Birth". (Am I reading the reports correctly? Are all original birth documents in Hawaii titled "Certificate of Live Birth", rather than "Birth Certificate"?) Off topic: Oh how I wish that one of these Fox "news" hosts/pundits would ask you about Chris 'Mohammed' Christies's disturbing ties to Islamic Supremacists/terrorists! They are all so eerily silent on this... and instead, keep singing his praises as a great presidential hopeful. He is the GOP's little love-child.
"Romey and Michelle" hahahaha... LOL
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2011 on A Great Idea at Atlas Shrugs
I forwarded the link (along with an excerpt) to Dubin.
Pamela asked: "What do you think?" So glad you asked. I think you should FORWARD IT TO DURBIN and to Peter King and to various senators and various members of The House and to Sean Hannity and to Eric Bolling and plaster it all over the front pages of every major newpaper (both paper edition and online edition) across the country!
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