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You are quite right Cheboy, the mayor might be under attack, but i really do not understand how this particular incident relates to his predicament. How could the people of Buea beleive this trash, who uses a mentally challenged individual to settle political scores. Well, my guest is that the people do not even care about what happens to a mayor whose party used intimidation, tribalism and fraud to gain power.
This Hon Paul Ayah is really a disgrace to the legal profession. Each time this guy is call upon to explain matters of substance in cameroon, he uses some terrible legal explanation to defend government action. I really wonder what kind of law he studied. The last time i checked, the legislature was an equal arm of government like the executive, so i don't undertand what Paul Ayah is talking about. Suggesting that the Cameroonian parliament is not a parliament in the strict sense of parliamentary democracy, simply confirms that CPDM MPs are hand clappers.
GOD BLESS CAMEROON A few weeks ago, the people of Abong Mbang largely voted for the CPDM government. These people could have voted their CPDM MPs out of government to express their grievance, but because of tribalism and unwilliness to push for change, they decided to maintain the status quo. Cameroon wil know no peace untill Cameroonians stand up and face the evil system in power. However, i admire the bravely of those young people who stood against the system, those 2 dead students have joined the ranks of matyrs. i have no doubt that cameroon will someday day applaud their actions. Why do we we even need SDO's and DO's, these were all colonial arrangements which ought to have ended with colonialism. I believe in a decentralized system of government, locals should be able to elect their leaders and these leaders wil surely be responsible. No elected mayor will shoot his people in a manner in which the SDO did. once again i say to the families of those fallen to be brave. The blood of these young men and those who have gone before will never be forgotten. I know history will surey count you all as Heroes who stood against oppression.
Though Hon. Modi might have been trying to settle a personal score, i sure do admire his courage, i wish he could present a similar challenge to the CPDM chairman come next congress, cameroon is simply desprerate for change, even CPDM can bring change to our country if we have the right people
Mr Paddy your peice is exactly the kind of article which the tyrant in yaounde will love to read. It is not suprising that you were anti multi party politics in the early nineties. My guest is you are just another frustrated journalist, if not a CPDM sympathizer trying to use the unfortunate political situation in cameroon to push a one party State agenda. I will love you to explain how you developed those preconditions for the formation of a political party in cameroon, those conditions in my opinion are so undemocratic or i should put it this way, you are simply telling us that the CPDM should be the only political party in cameroon, else how do your expect the opposition parties to raise 10 million FCFA, because we all know where the CPDM will get money from, our state treasury. If you are worried about too many parties in cameroon, then you are not in touch with real politics in cameroon, most of the so called political parties are simply subsidiaries of the CPDM.