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Kenny Solomon
South Florida
Typical bitter Jewish God-clinging gun owner and barking-mad insane NASCAR fan.
Interests: 43 rednecks drivin' 500 miles in a circle........ That's NASCAR.
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Security at military funerals 'is almost non-existent' ? Really ? Patriot Guard Riders Please join in as we stand for those who stood for us. Kenny Solomon Oath Keeper Patriot Guard Rider Terrorist Hobbit...... Reaganhu Akhbar !
Jay Carney to the assembled...... "OK, so there are no and won't be any American Flags anywhere near any vehicle in the entourage...... The main bus is not a magic flying prayer rug as planned, plus the Skittle-sh***ing unicorn isn't here either. But this little toy is our very own "Hobbit Killer", so rejoice, as President-For-Life Obama has deigned to grace you with HIS presence in person." Kenny Solomon Typical bitter clinging terrorist Hobbit Reaganhu Akhbar ! Israel Survival Updates The American Survival Guide
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The one on the right is hotter. ;-) The snark is gonna flow on this mag. Has to. The stuff will write itself. Cheers ! Kenny Solomon Israel Survival Updates
Israel National News is where I got the ownership info...... and also the only news service in Israel I actually trust for consistency and balance. This afternoon, the IDF announced that the Victoria, a German owned, French operated and Liberian flagged vessel, was apprehended 200 miles off the Israeli coast by the IDF Navy. PS...... They just put up photos and video on a new article. Thanks for the props, Pamela. Cheers ! Kenny Solomon Israel Survival Updates
"Bring Bush! Make a no fly zone, bomb the planes," shouted soldiers. That's funny right there, I don't care who you are...... Git-r-done ! I just heard that President Obama chimed in on the matter. He told the Libyan's he'd handle things and to text his Blackberry with coordinates for the closest aspirin factory in the area.
Thanks for putting this up on your site Pamela. I saw that article on Jim Hoft's place (Gateway) and simply freaked out. Mr. Holder, your people are Americans - Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red and even purple with pink polka-dots if you look hard enough. All 360+ million of us. ......and Rep. Culberson, sir, you've dropped the ball and it's still real close to your side. Pick it up and take it to every single camera in DC and start bouncin' it high and hard. Get the rest of the so-called Republicans on the committee to join you and call Col. West while you're at it. I know for a fact he has 'a special place in his heart' for AG Holder. ;-) Cheers ! Kenny Solomon Israel Survival Updates Follow I.S.U. On Twitter
Hate to tell y'all, but that's not a game. It's a full-on operational training video. The first words our Moose Limb friends learn from birth are 'kill', bomb' and 'Death To All Juice'. Kenny Solomon Israel Survival Updates
Nothing was done and now this comes out: President Barack Obama, who was notified about the deaths at 4:42 a.m. Washington time, had authorized the military on Saturday to use force in case of an imminent threat to the hostages, said White House spokesman Jay Carney. THE IMMINENT THREAT BEGAN THE MILLISECOND THEY WERE TAKEN HOSTAGE ! What kind of piec...... I'd better stop. It's been well over three hours and I still don't trust myself to comment. Thanks for the credit Pamela. Kenny (Kneey) Solomon South Florida Heavily Armed American Jew. Never again means NEVER AGAIN !
1. They shouldn’t face a jail sentence, they should face a firing squad. 2. They admitted doing it as if they were proud of the deed - and most assuredly are. 3. Police knew about this, that it was going to happen and did NOTHING to stop it, even as it went down. They’re accessories to jihad. 4. The media world-wide will not identify the problem at hand due to their agenda at hand and also their not wanting to be considered hate-mongering profiling Islamophobes. 5. Anyone thinks this can’t happen here in America is insane. Kenny Solomon Heavily Armed American Jew. Never again means NEVER AGAIN !
......and then there's Hillary Clinton in an interview with ABC's bestest-evah jihad supporter Christiane Amanpour......... Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Israeli settlements "illegitimate" shortly before the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning continued Israeli settlement expansion as illegal. The full Amanpour interview with Clinton -- focusing on the uprisings in the Arab world, how the U.S. is redefining its strategic interests there and what she thinks this new Arab People Power means for the U.S. -- will air Sunday on "This Week." I’m still supposed to stay toned down, remain civil and be respectful ? KLS
Hold the phone...... Wait a second...... STOP ! UN Ambassador Susan Rice: The US "regrettably" had to veto the resolution. Report from Agence France Presse via Yahoo News: US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said Washington had “regrettably” chosen to oppose the resolution, sponsored by some 130 countries, after seeking its compromise measure was rejected. “This draft resolution risks hardening the positions of both sides,” Rice said. “It could encourage the parties to stay out of negotiations.” And she stressed Washington’s veto — the first by President Barack Obama’s administration at the United Nations — should not be taken as US support for settlement building. “We reject in the strongest terms the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,” she told the Council. “While we agree with our fellow council members and indeed with the wider world about the folly and illegitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity, we think it unwise for this council to attempt to resolve the core issues that divide Israelis and Palestinians,” she said. I'd better not offer any commentary. Seriously. I'd better not. Kenny Solomon South Florida
Thanks for the h/t pop Pamela. I’ll not comment on the vote, who said yes and why, plus the rest - especially the disingenuous hypocritical lying sacks of administration garbage - other than to say ‘Thank you, President Obama’. --- --- --- --- --- Now then...... That blogger at 'Foreign Policy' - Colum Lynch - whatever journalistic integrity was in place before, is history, gone out with the tide, buh-bye. Makes that website look real bad too, especially because that blog contradicted another one on the same site from the day before - and that one was highly sourced. The sad thing is, many websites - including The Drudge Report - ran with the 'voting to condemn' blog as pure fact, above the fold headline, front page 'sticky' and more. I'm not a journalist, I'm not even a blogger - don't have and don't want my own site. But I know enough not to run with stuff as fact that has no source and no confirmation. That writer has some 'splainin to do...... wrote a blog today...... and didn't offer anything. Kenny Solomon Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.
Safti, Nat's Daughter...... Thank you. A few things of note. 1. The vote at the UN is tomorrow - Friday 18 February. 2. Every pissant pusilanamous punk prognosticates ponders patterns, possibilities and potential...... and then dhimmis and other assorted jizya-payers drop it all on a websites as fact. 3. Did anyone but me notice something odd about that 'Foreign Policy" posting ? It was not sourced from anything official, offered no confirmation and contradicts another highly sourced blog at the same site from the day before. I base my opinions and thoughts on facts and actualities, so right now, there’s nothing to go on as to what our president and the administration has been ordered to do will do.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2011 on US To Rebuke Israel at UN at Atlas Shrugs
Here’s the only thing I’ll link to at the moment – a Jerusalem Post article - run up at 2:15 am Israel time - because it’s the only thing on a real news source. And they quoted the one place I was really hoping they would – J-Street. UNSC expected to vote on anti-settlement resolution. The matter was brought to the Security Council despite the opposition of the United States. America’s representatives have repeatedly asserted their belief that the Security Council is not the proper forum for discussions of the peace process, and that bringing the matter up before the international body would not be a “productive step.” Now to the crux of the matter in the article - what made me actually take notice…… J Street’s executive director Jeremy Ben- Ami told The Jerusalem Post that he hopes the US will promote attempts to table or edit the resolution, but that if these efforts fail, he is not in favor of using veto power over it. You know it and I know it...... J-Street = George Soros and the left of the left. Other than that, I’ll refrain from commentary until something concrete happens. Kenny Solomon South Florida American Jew. Heavily Armed. Never again means NEVER AGAIN !
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2011 on US To Rebuke Israel at UN at Atlas Shrugs
Herr Diktator, biss mich und gehen sie spucke auf ein seil. Auf Wiedersehen, Schwein. That's about as nice as I can or will put it.
Rep. Peter King - R-NY - That's who this is, yes ? The same guy who wants to obliterate The 2nd Amendment ? 'Nuff said. Screw him.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2011 on Over Before it Started at Atlas Shrugs
Hey, lookie...... You just gave $150 Million of your money in jizya to The Palestinian Authority...... to help balance their budget. No, that’s not a joke. Click on this and see for yourself (part of my page at RedState): KLS
First, the administration's Secretary Of Defense shows that Obama's "unswerving support" swerves real easy-like...... Next, our humble but lovable Jihadist at 1600™ says it himself that Israel building on their own land is "never helpful"......,7340,L-3981987,00.html Now, it's Hillary's turn to say Israel is "counterproductive"...... But that's okay, because that bastion of sticking up for Israel - J-Street - opened an office in Jerusalem, so everything is gonna be hunky-dory...... Tool up...... It's coming...... You know...... "It". Kenny Solomon Heavily Armed American Jew Never again means NEVER AGAIN !
In order to properly repair damages done, you need to take a road trip with 3,000 of your closest friends. How about going to a third-world country ? Make sure you and all of your bestest pals don't pay one thin dime for any single aspect of the vacation either. Send a note to your security detail that you may need a few ships to tail the group 'just because you want them to'.
Federal District Court Justice Vicki Miles-LaGrange...... Judge Miles-LaGrange, a native of Oklahoma City, graduated cum laude from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and received a certificate from the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. She received her law degree from Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C., where she was editor of The Howard Law Journal. In 1986, Miles-LaGrange became the first African-American female elected to the Oklahoma State Senate. She served as chairman of the Oklahoma Senate Judiciary Committee, and later, the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus and the Law and Justice Committee of the National Conference of State Legislators. During her years in the Oklahoma Legislature (1986-1993), she also conducted a private law practice. Earlier in her career, Miles-LaGrange worked as a criminal trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. She later prosecuted sex crimes as an assistant district attorney in Oklahoma County. Kind of odd how deep you have to look in order to officially find out she's a Democrat....... ------------ I'm gonna say something that can and may get me into trouble, but I've stopped caring long ago. That article should have led off as: Clinton Appointee And Obama Supporting Leftist Democrat Federal Judge violates a sovereign State's rights and submits to Islam by completely and deliberately misinterpreting a visibly obvious and simple State Constitutional Amendment. But wait, there's more...... and it gets 'better'. Obama was/is looking at Judge Miles-LaGrange for a SCOTUS seat. Apparently she was up for the seat given to Elena Kagan. Here's the list for the left-of-the-left-of-the-left our Jihadist At 1600™ put the golden touch to so far: BTW...... One name on that list stands out huge – Harold Koh. Avowed Transnationalist and anti-Semite. He’s currently Hillary’s chief counsel at State. Don't know about you, but I've about had enough of this garbage. Kenny Solomon The framers of our Constitution knew that the government should never have a monopoly on force. That’s why they articulated our God given right to self defense and ensured the right to keep and bear arms was written in our Bill of Rights. Let’s not forget: George Washington didn’t use his right to free speech to defeat the British. He shot them.
Hi: Let's see if this posts. Been having trouble with the log-in system and "Post"/"Preview" buttons here at Atlas. Guessing it's just me and my twelve thumbs causing the mush, but that's why y'all ain't seen me 'round here lately - not that anyone cares or even noticed. Anyway, y'all enjoy the movie above. Pretty sure my dad worked on the prints for the east coast of the US. He's 89 and has pretty heavy dementia - doesn't remember much nowadays. He worked for 20th Century Fox and Technicolor too - interrupted by several years in Europe when everyone thought the world was gonna end the second time. I've got a good solid master DVD of the movie and it's one of the best good/bad movies of all time. Just for giggles, if you have a bit of time after the film, take a look at one of the things I've been on for a bit now - way before the "Presidential Memorandum" was issued - but this new mess starts on October 30th with a lovely little document issued by our humble but lovable Jihadist At 1600™...... Cheers ! Kenny Solomon South Florida
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Y'all ever hear of something called ICR2P ? I've been screaming about them and their sister org called ICLEI for quite a long time. UN organizations. Here in America, the mindset is different than anywhere else on the planet (except for maybe Israel)....... Whatever you think about The UN's relevance and strength....... For just about every nation outside of America, they're VERY relevant and very powerful. ICR2P........ The International Coalition For The Responsibility To Protect. - The American branch is The one-world government..... UN Agenda 21. 1. UN Small Arms Treaty - Disarms all civilians world-wide. 2. The UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child - Global mandates on parenting. 3. Interpol as the one-world police agency. 4. The International Criminal Court as the only justice source. 5. One military force - Yes, they wear blue helmets. 6. Population control. There's more - Tons more. That's where ICLEI comes in for a big chunk. "Sustainable Development" - Local and regional mandates, legislation and regulations to a one-world "green" standard that has nothing whatsoever to do with "green", but has everything to do with command and control, Totalitarian Rule and more. If you think I'm kidding...... .....and if you think that's some sort of tin-foil-hattery, here's something from their operational end: Global Governance 2025. Let me know when you've digested all of that, or need some additional info or assistance. Oh yeah....... Almost forgot....... The wild card in all this are the peace lovers. Kenny Solomon South Florida My page at
Hey Martel ! ;-) I'm around - I check Atlas multiple times per day - usually have nothing to say that Pamela hasn't already covered. Mostly I've been at RedState - I do a thing there daily called "Israel Survival Updates". Started that in early September...... Plus, I post full columns there regularly. I'm also the political analyst on a shooter's forum - you know - all about firearm safety, the tech part of evil scary-lookin' guns, firearm safety, 2A, firearm safety, evil scary-lookin' guns in the news and firearm safety. Other than that, I've been good...... Good that is for an unemployed Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo - got laid off back in July from a L.E. liaison gig installing and programming surveillance systems - 8 years - budget got eliminated. Gives me lots of time at the range though. ;-) Cheers ! Kenny
Part of me actually wants the STHTF....... "just because".
".....We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam." Waiter, we'll order for our Moose Limb friends...... They'll take the latter...... Yes, all of them...... You can bring us the check too. Does this establishment accept Bacon Express or Porka-Card ?