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"And some of the ugliest, nastiest, most bigoted anti-atheist rhetoric I've heard has come from progressive and moderate believers espousing the supposedly tolerant principles of ecumenicalism. I've been called a fascist, a zealot, a missionary; I've been called hateful, intolerant, close-minded, dogmatic; I've been compared to Glenn Beck and Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler, more times than I can count. All by progressive and moderate believers, who were outraged at the very notion of atheists pointing out the flaws in religious ideas and making an argument that these ideas are probably not true." Whenever you write this, Greta, I'm always saddened. I wonder if it is possible to be a form of ecumenicalism that is honest, which does acknowledge the differences between religions. It seems to me that if someone believes in a God who loves everyone, then that doesn't mean that all religions are partially true. It means all religions which make exclusive claims are false, and the person had made a new ecumenical religion. I still think that God doesn't exist, but it would at least be honest to admit that this God is not really simultaneously the God of all the religions, but an entirely different one. Thanks for writing! I don't comment often, but I'm a regular reader.
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Feb 19, 2011