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Ethan McCarthy
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I literally could not disagree more. I could not bring myself to bear harvesting the little sisters. I saved them all, and it made me feel quite good. Moreover, I received far better rewards for acting selflessly, in the form of incredible bio-upgrades that are unavailable to those who opted to just get more Adam. I believe the game, far from being cognitively dissonant, punishes those who act out of short-sighted self-interest by denying them long-term benefits. I think the fact that you felt compelled to harvest the little sisters says more about your own disturbed psychology than about the game. The game, of course, is meant to be a choice, and clearly the fact that you felt the obvious choice was to ruthlessly harvest, and I felt the obvious choice was to save, means the game was a terrific, almost unbelievably wonderful success.
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Nov 15, 2011