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Two about things about iSCSI that might be worth considering. 1. Many more people understand TCP/IP, or think they do, than FibreChannel. FibreChannel is a complex technology to learn and be confident about when compared to a technology you use everyday. 2. The storage industry originally embraced iSCSI, only to turn to FC and have been acting like snobs about iSCSI ever since. It's hard to have a rational discussion about FC over provisioning, unnecessary costs, and pointless over specification. When you point out that iSCSI has many steps it sort of fails to calculate many of the complexities that went into establishing the FC network. Whereas an Ethernet network is much simpler to build and use, and costs less than an FC network. But, nice article. Does highlight some of the advantages of FC especially for more certain applications where simplicity is important for less errors on the configuration side.
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Feb 14, 2012