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Not true. US ISPs work together to block IP addresses that broadcast spam. Reigning in illegal distribution of music, movies, software, games, TV shows and books is no different from a technology standpoint. What is different is that Google and ISPs PROFIT from piracy so they miselead the non-technical public into thinking that it is difficult to identify repeat infringers and to shut them off. In fact the law states that ISPs need to do just that. If ISPs were OBEYING THE LAW (17 USC 512 (i)) and shutting of repeat BitTorrent seeders than this conversation would be over.
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Musicmetric monitored a very small portion of BitTorrent activity. Sandvine's Internet Phenomena report in 2011 found that p2p was 18.8% of all US Internet traffic and 30% of all European and Asian traffic. According to Envisional, of the top 10,000 torrents, 35% were used to illegally upload and download movies (non-pornographic), 14% for television and 2.9% is used to do so with music. Cisco states that North America used an average of 9,947 Petabytes (1 million Gigabytes) a month in 2011, which would mean that 650 Petabytes were used by illegal music consumption in 2011. At an average of 5Mb per mp3 that is 130 billion mp3s illegally uploaded and downloaded on BitTorrent in the US in 2011. This number makes sense when you look at Pirate Bay's top music torrents. They are largely discographies and compilations with hundreds of songs. With 85m broadband subscribers in the US, that is an average of 1500 songs per broadband household. ethicalfan dot com
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Touring is a $4B industry US. Recorded music was a $12B industry pre-napster now $6B US. Touring has always been a much smaller industry.
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Musicians just need to understand and start standing up for their rights and there will be a market for music again. ISPs block sites that send spam everyday (spamhaus). Blocking IP addresses seeding illegal media is NO different. Google censors and blocks all kinds of things and just lies to the public that they can't limit pirate links. One copyright owner can sue an ISP for $150k per unabated repeat infringement in the US. The reason why piracy is 20 pct of US traffic and will double by 2016 is because US ISP do not terminate repeat infringers like the law says - even when they get millions of notices revealing who the repeat infringers are - they are liable to all of the authors and creators whose product is being stolen.
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Jul 8, 2012