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eToro Copy Trader Review
TradingGator's eToro Copy Trader Review help traders understand the concept of CopyTrading.
Interests: On this profile you can find out more on TradingGator's article "eToro Copy Trader Review (Top Copy Trading)". In this article TradingGator takes a closer look at all the aspects of the social trading account from eToro called Copy Trader. There are a number of service providers that promise you the moon, but few actually deliver when it comes to free methods of online trading and one of those is CopyTrader. By this I mean they offer very little in the way of free training or education and the offers that do exist are heavily overpriced and will rarely make you a profit. It's a free service that aims to give you as much knowledge as possible to be able to make more money from your trades. And while they have a good range of tools for you to use and they do help a lot with trading psychology, it's the training that you need to be able to learn and apply what you've learnt so that you can make more money. And unfortunately most of the free training programs available are pretty bad and just don't give you any of the advice or guidance that you'll need to make money. Store offers a number of training courses for you to download and use, but I found most of them were poorly presented and didn't provide much in the way of information to make money from the course. They did help you learn about how to use the tools and how to trade properly, but for most people it was a short-term solution. For me, they weren't enough to really get me going on making money from my trades. EToro's courses offer a free demo account that lets you trade for a certain amount of time and by doing this, they're able to measure the results of the software in terms of profitability. I found that they were really good at measuring results such as profit per trade, time to close a trade and number of trades you complete per day. But of course, they are still pretty expensive for what they are and many of the courses available today cost far less than the cost of a regular EToro membership. I think one of the biggest problems that CopyTrader faces is their software. The software on offer for free by CopyTrader does include tools that are very useful, but there's just not enough information out there to really be able to apply them and make more money from your trades. As well as that, there's no training whatsoever provided by CopyTrader which means you can't learn everything you need to know in order to make money with your trades. For example, if you're looking to trade currencies, you can use the EToro currency trading simulator to get some real world experience to compare to the simulator that's available to you free of charge. It allows you to trade any two currencies at a time to see how they perform in the market and if you then want to trade a third currency, you can do so with ease. All the features are fully automated, so you don't need to worry about a robot trading for you all the time. But that's not to say that CopyTrader doesn't have a chance in hell of beating EToro. The software that CopyTrader has available for you is very competitive with the other high-end products and the training they provide is really good, which helps to make you feel confident to start trading. And of course as a comparison, EToro has a slightly better overall package, and when you're comparing software that is comparable, it's up to you which to use. If you're going to use the free EToro courses that CopyTrader offer, then you can definitely use EToro and there's nothing that CopyTrader has to offer that doesn't already exist on the website for free.
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