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We all saw that train heading toward Polaroid. A business school case study from maybe 20+ years ago indicated that Polaroid's early success was in part attributable to magazines and newspapers not allowing them to advertise because of their early financial situation. TV, however, did take early Polaroid ads, and the rest is history. Sometimes fate works in your favor. Nothing forced Polaroid to go digital until way too late. With respect to translations, you may enjoy this: At a science fiction convention in Metz, France years ago the guest of honor was Robert Bloch (who wrote Psycho). He only spoke English. The assembled group spoke English, French, or both. He told some very funny stories. One of which was about seeing the original "THE FLY" with Vincent Price and at a key point in the movie paying the ultimate complement that a 10 year old boy could pay to a horror movie: he wet his pants. Everyone who understood the story in English roared with laughter. Then came the French translation. Another roar of laughter. Then another uprising roar of laughter as the group responded to the dynamics of the translation. Best bilingual experience ever!
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Jun 14, 2010