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Australia SHOULD HAVE sent in its SAS to BREAK HER OUT.PERIOD! FK Dubai!!!!
Wonder how this little Blonde sharmuta feels about FGM??!! THAT would be the perfect bookend to her Tatoo.
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Richard posted:"I see some of you have very little faith in the German people". Richard: You surely KNOW why. Frankly,even when the "German People" are supposedly "new"&"different" they still dabble in "the old ways". FACTS: --German scientists and businessmen are HELPING Iran and its Nuclear Program. --German scientist War Criminals were helping Egypt,under Nasser,build rockets filled with Biological & Radiological warheods at Helwan, Egypt ,for USE against Israel. -- German scientists and businessmen helped Saddam Hussein. --The former East Germany helped all of Israel's enemies to include the training of terrorists by the STASI. A refugee from Nazi Germany once told me: "The Germans are either at your feet or at your throat" His words ring true.
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The Muslim Brotherhood were Nazi Germany's Hezbollah. The Muslim Brotherhood combines Islam & Nazism and were BANNED for GOOD REASON.
In trying to pretend they're just like everyone else,they show they really are about SUBMISSION. Case-in-Point is the Irish (formerly Catholic)Muslim Convert from the South Side of Chicago. To get his Arab Muslim wife ,he had to CONVERT(to NO joy of his mother),Attempt Fasting during Ramadan,and morally reprehensibly WALK AWAY from his LOYAL & LOVING Aged Dog. His wife claims she's "allergic"to the poor dog and puts her husband to the choice of her or the dog. Needless to say,he PAINFULLY parts with HIS dog ,in SUBMISSIVE SACRIFICE. She WAITED until he was DEEPLY in,Converted and Married to her and only then lowered the boom on the dog. IF she got him to that,WHAT else could she manipulate him into doing? When they had a group discussion re:dogs,they danced around the issue,but NONE have a dog. If they wanted to do a REAL Reality Show about Dearborn, they would have to show the Hezbollah Supporters and Fund Raisers in action,Violations of the First Amendment,and more.
"Sultan, who in 2004 founded the American Center for Islamic Research (ACIR) in Columbus, Ohio, has, according to his eight-page resumé, held many consulting and teaching positions in the U.S. Since coming to the U.S. in 1998, he has founded several Islamic institutes, including the Islamic American University in Southfield, Michigan, and the Sultan Publishing Co. in Columbus, Ohio." One look at that "resume" and one would have to conclude that Sultan is a MAJOR PLAYER in their "Grand Stealth Jihad". This guy is a JIHADI COMMUNITY ORGANIZER: "Consulting" WHO re: WHAT? "Teaching" WHAT? JIHAD with some Da'Awah on the side? Founder of SEVERAL Islamic Institutes? WHAT GOES ON THERE?! HIS OWN PUBLISHING COMPANY?WHO FUNDS THAT?WHAT do they print? And the topper of them all : Sultan FOUNDED the "Islamic American University" in where of all places?: SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN,aka METRO- DETROIT and DEARBORNISTAN.
Pamela is totally CORRECT. "Service Day" is NOT a MEMORIAL DAY! "Service Day" is nothing more than an attempt to DILUTE WHAT 9/11 WAS & IS to the American People. For example: WHAT does a community clean-up of oh,say,garbage on vacant lots, have to do with HONORING OUR WAR DEAD , KNOWING WHY THEY'RE DEAD,and REMEMBERING WHICH ENEMY ATTACKED OUR COUNTRY,SLAUGHTERING THEM? HOW an American President can do anything other than declaring 9/11 an ANNUAL DAY OF MOURNING is FURTHER PROOF that Obama is THE POST-AMERICAN PRESIDENT.
If the "Palestinian" Arabs declare an annihilationist STATE,then that "state" better UNDERSTAND,it's THEY who will be Annihilated in a WAR over Israel's existence.
"The Palestinian Authority will not be recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday, adopting a belligerent tone ahead of his planned statehood bid in September. The Palestinian leader also criticized demands made by the International Quartet of his Authority, urging the international community to back off. "Don't order us to recognize a Jewish state," Abbas said. "We won't accept" And THIS is the CRUX of it all. Nothing different than 1947-48 or all of the decades since. THE "Palestinian" Arabs/Arab-Muslim World STILL REFUSES to accept the Jewish State of Israel. Abbas' statement easily could have come right from 1947-48. This is why there will NEVER be "peace" in the Middle East until the Arabs/Muslims STOP trying to destroy Israel and any other "negotiations" such as Land for Peace" are pure BULLSHYTT!
As for the NUTurei Karta Rabbi,Beck: There is a Hebrew word,I'm told,"RODIF" ,translated in English,BLOOD TRAITOR OF HIS OWN PEOPLE, that could not be a better match for Beck. One has to wonder whether this supposedly "religious" "RODIF" is so INSANE that he doesn't realize that he's staring HELL in the eye,NOT heaven.
Pamela is a TRUE HEROINE. As "Hurricane Irene" BORED into NYC ,Pamela STILL was/is ON THAT WALL,keeping us INFORMED about WHAT the "media' WON'T. God BLESS her and her family.
Sadly, John, they'll find them. As you know Egypt has a huge Jew-Hating Muslim population and they've been waiting since Camp David to have this situation. Assisting Mubarak's ouster and applauding it is WORSE,Yes, WORSE than Chamberlain at Munich,because Chamberlain was clearly WRONG ,but with the right intentions.He really believed he had achieved "Peace in Our Time". Hitler knew he could "play "him. Those in power in the West SHOULD KNOW what the Muslim Brotherhood plans to do in EVERY Arab/Muslim country now in turmoil and WHAT their Big Picture looks like to them.
Norquist must have his CLAWS deep into Perry.Christie Also. The Jihadis' MAN in the GOP,Norquist,MUST BE DEFEATED,by DEFEATING his candidate(s) during this nomination process. As for Perry,he gives new meaning to the cliche' "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover". How many Patriotic Conservatives were "waiting" for Perry to get into the race only to find that Perry is another Texas Islamophile ala James Baker,and a Norquist FRIEND. So,here's the political SITREP: The Jihadis CONTROL the Democratic Party through their ALLIANCE with the LEFTY Progressives. Now ,through Perry (and Christie) they're making a play to CONTROL the GOP so WHEN people vote AGAINST Obama they STILL will be voting for a friend of Jihad,and guess who's their maestro,in the shadows: Grover Norquist. The Battle is NOW in the Republican Party and sadly the GOP does have the Norquist faction and Ron Paul(another Texan) which MUST BE DEFEATED. The ULTIMATE National Disaster would be an Obama vs Perry Choice,of which the only true winner would be Islamist Jihad. THEY MUST BE DEFEATED
Fitna posted: I regularly argue with muslims on message boards and few if any of my fellow non-muslims help while I'm outnumbered by the jihadist swine. The funny thing is that these muslims know that I know what they really are about. In fact they try that much harder to get me silenced or banned from the board because I keep exposing the truth about Islam." Fitna:Please post the sites where the "Cavalry" is needed.
Fitna posted: "I regularly argue with muslims on message boards and few if any of my fellow non-muslims help while I'm outnumbered by the jihadist swine. The funny thing is that these muslims know that I know what they really are about. In fact they try that much harder to get me silenced or banned from the board because I keep exposing the truth about Islam." Fitna: Please Identify the sites where the Cavalry is needed.
As Pamela posted: "Another influential misunderstander of Islam. Does anyone else find it curious that the most devout and pious Muslims are all misunderstanding Islam in exactly the same way, reading the exact same words for over 1,400 years?" And it's the ONLY religion where the more devout and pious,the MORE DANGEROUS to society as a whole.
The 1948 article is still relevant. Why "Palestine" was DIFFERENT from Syria is that "Palestine's" REAL name is "The Land of Israel" and that is also why it is known as "The Holy Land". HATRED of "THE JEW" is a PART of Islam. Not only is Islam the ONLY religion on this planet that has as sacred tenets HATRED & proscribed VIOLENCE against ALL who are NOT Muslim ,but also includes the same against its own. THEY WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE JEWISH STATE ON RELIGIOUS GROUNDS,UNLESS THEY CHANGE THEIR RELIGION. The Israeli War of Independence which was already underway when that article was written is STILL ONGOING .
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2011 on An Old Custom at Atlas Shrugs
"The Arab argument against the division of Palestine into Arab and Jewish States is negated here by the fact of a similar division of Syria. Because the Christians are the minority in Syria they must not be dominated by a Moslem majority and consequently they are given their own country. But when it comes to Palestine, the Arabs of Lebanon, as well as of the Syrian Republic, argue that a majority race or a majority religion must dominate a minority religion. Democratic principle requires the subordination of the minority in a nation to the majority in that nation, but not the subordination of a smaller nation to a larger one. In partitioned Palestine, Arabs are the majority in their part, and Jews the majority in theirs." ______________________________________________________________________________________________ As releva today as 1948,nt_____ WHY "Palestine "is different from Syria? Because "Palestine" is really "The Land of Israel",the NATIONAL HOME of the Jewish People who are their RELIGIOUSLY(by them) MANDATED ENEMY . Thinking back ,the Lebanese Civil War that began in 1975 was the beginning of the Muslim TAKEOVER of Lebanon.The Christians will be lucky if they can hold their half of Beirut and other villages. * * * In accordance with the democratic principle of equal rights of small and large nations, the members of the United Nations each have one vote, regardless of the fact that one nation may be ten or fifty times as numerous as another. Th
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2011 on An Old Custom at Atlas Shrugs
Azygos said... And just a side note. The way he is saluting is an insult also. Those men in the coffins who have given their all are probably spinning YES SIR! That is NOT a UNITED STATES Military Salute. IF it's a salute at all,it resembles a British and British Commonwealth Military salutes. Many Middle Eastern/OIC Militaries as well use THAT "salute". And as an interesting mental excercise think of other places and individuals using similiar "salutes".
"He's a short, funny man with a quick wit," said Raza Rumi, a Pakistani journalist who last saw Weinstein about a year ago and said the American could speak a fair amount of Urdu. "He's a very laid-back guy, not too worried about security issues, not really paranoid at all." "The gunmen snatched the American from his bedroom, hustling him out of the house and into a nearby vehicle. They did not take any other items from the house, police official Attiqur Rehman said." There are fools and thereare DAMNED FOOLS. He was NOT worried about security issues? Assuming he KNEW where he was living and working there really are no words to describe him. Considering his name,he is about as BIG a DAMNED FOOL as exists. And ,his stupidity aside, he's OURS and HE MUST BE SAVED,unless it's already too late. Right out of HIS BED! NO AMERICAN should be in Pakistan in a civilian capacity.NONE And this guy was there to hand out OUR TAX DOLLARS and yet he was NOT safe in bed. This should be a WAKE-UP for the LEFTIES,but it WON'T ,because it RUINS their ILLUSIONS.
And further research shows that whoever TROLL "Virginia Stockwell" is ,she is a "writer" using the pen name "VirginiaGiver" on several sites,including,now brace yourselves,PUFFHO. As VirginiaGiver she wears being a Lesbian on her sleeve. Does "Ginny" know how the Jihadis she supports feel about homosexuality? I just read something else she wrote , that frankly, seem to be the musings of a LUNATIC CONSUMED by ANGER & RAGE,as also demonstrated above.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2011 on A Prayer on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
Virginia Stockwell? Can you be Virginia Stockwell of the University of Texas at Austin? Good Possibility. Maybe even a probability. Virginia Stockwell ,"Graduate Co-Ordinator" of the University of Texas' Dept. of Psychology sounds about right for a LEFT-WING Academic Loon TROLL. Google this "composer" of LIBELOUS HATE Songs. Click and Meet Ginny. Look at her picture. She looks like a nice Typical Suburban Mommy,but REREAD that HATE SONG she wrote to Pamela to see what this poster girl of the LEFT is really about. Oh well,I guess this season I'll be rooting for whoever is playing the University of Texas although that opposing school also will be a Left-Wing Cesspool.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2011 on A Prayer on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
"Ave Maria" was WIDELY heard on American Homefront radios during WWII. It's SOLEMN PRAYERFUL BEAUTY cuts across most religious and ethnic lines and if you've ever heard Bob Hope's "D-Day" Radio Broadcast,Frances Langord's "Ave Maria" after Bob Hope's AWESOME monologue and BLESSING "those kids across the English Channel",you KNOW what I'm talking about.Pamela certainly KNOWS
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2011 on A Prayer on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
It's been said "We don't have a Foreign Policy,we have Obama's PREJUDICES".