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We recently were faced with an option, pivot to a new product from a larger manufacturer or stick with our long time manufacturing partner. The first option would have lead us into a rudderless period of transition and uncertainty but we had a far greater opportunity in both scope and depth of products. We chose to stick with our long time partner and manufacturer Gerflor. Then the economy tanked. While we now have a new competitor in our market, our manufacturer came to the table with true technological innovation which has mitigated risk we face by the new competitor in our market. Also, while the new competitor has churned through two of our competitors in the down economy (our heads would have rolled in the first re-organization), our long time manufacturing partner stuck with us through the down period. So by both sides having a rudder we beat away our competition.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2012 on To pivot or not to pivot... at Andrew Hargadon
I enjoyed this post. Of particular interest was the breakthrough bias. I run an A/D focused company and find that Architects and Designers are constantly being distracted by new products. Thus we have to innovate our product to 'reintroduce' it. This adds cost but also allows us to keep a key eye on competition. One of our largest overdetermined uncertainties is the China market threat. We recently had our products 'replicated' in China and reintroduced into the USA. While some might view that as a market reaction, I view it as intellectual property theft. I am unsure where legal threats fit into the above framework.
This brewery was used as an example at the MBA info session in San Ramon last week. Heather used it as an example of how an MBA helps non Fortune 500 tied people. It sold me on the UCD Working Professional program. It showed me I can earn an MBA and it reinforced to myself how I can use a MBA eduction to teach me how to grow my business into more.
Old school manufacturing is the issue. There is almost nowhere a UCD MBA can see old school manufacturing anymore. Why? It isn't as economically viable in California. So lets mix and mingle and re-invent products for a new school of manufacturing. I believe that the 20th century started with mechanical manufacturing (the assembly line etc..) and then transferred to chemical manufacturing (atomic era, plastics) and ended with information manufacturing (patents, tech/biotech/infotech). Now, let's talk new school manufacturing. I believe, it will be two new manufacturing trends. First, I see instant manufacturing (instant prototype, then send data with our new information technology to overseas factory for mass production). Second, I see reuse as a theme. This reuse is the creation of products from old products. This is not just recycling the known large waste streams (aluminum, glass, concrete). What reuse needs to become is finding ways to take different small waste streams and turn them into innovative new usable products. That will come as we get the large waste streams monetized and we turn to look for other sources of raw materials for new products. That is my new school of manufacturing.
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Dec 4, 2011