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Evangelos Marinakis TradeWindsNews
Is sailing in your blood? Do the thoughts of seagulls flying overhead as the salt water of the ocean sprays over the side bring you bliss and harmony? Maybe you have even been practicing your hearty seaman’s laugh. Have you heard the name Evangelos Marinakis? His story is one that can inspire anyone that is willing to work hard, be fearless, and not be accustomed to complacency. His story begins in the city of Piraeus, Greece, being born the only son to Miltiadis Marinakis. His father was a ship owner and a member of the Greek Parliament. Evangelos Marinakis would grow up earning a B.A. in International Business Administration and would go on to earn a M.S. in International Relations while residing in London. Mr. Marinakis is well-known in many circles, ranging from politics to even media. However, he is most popular in the shipping industry. Following his father’s career path, Evangelos would take the family shipping business over. His keen sight for the shipping industry combined with his passion to succeed drove him to grow the small company into the bustling and expansive shipping empire that it is today. He is regarded as one of the most important and influential shipping personalities worldwide. Evangelos would go on to be included in the Lloyd’s List “One Hundred Most Influential People in The Shipping Industry.” He would also make the TradeWinds “Power100” list of the top ship owners and operators. Even in 2016, the first ever “Xenakoudis Excellence in Shipping Award” would be given to Evangelos by the International Registries. Evangelos has the ability to make the deals of the century. Http://www.tradewindsnews.comreports, “Hyundai Heavy Industries has confirmed a major LNG carrier newbuilding deal with Greek tycoonEvangelos Marinakis, new vehicle Capital Gas.” His hand may be felt across the shipping industry, but those fingers have dipped into other cookie jars, as well. Since 2010, Mr. Marinakis has owned Piraeus’ hometown team Olympiaco and serves as its President.In May 2017, Marinakis completed a transaction, becoming the majority shareholder in English Championship club and former double European Cup winners Nottingham Forest. As well as getting involved in sports, Evangelos also, in July 2017 acquired the Lambrakis Press Group through his media company, Alter Ego Media S.A. As clearly depicted above, Evangelos Marinakis is a man that has the talent to make things happen. Due to his passions and work ethic, Evangelos became the tycoon that we all know him as today. Only the future knows just exactly what Evangelos Marinakis will accomplish in his amazing lifetime. But, we all know that it will be nothing short of a legacy.
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Jul 19, 2018