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Holacracy appears to have been left out of the section on models. We discussed it over twitter.
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Um. There's probably good content in this post, but I couldn't get past the first sentence: "an organization is not a hierarchy. It is a social network." I am all for the changes being brought by self-organizing teams and the power of networks, but, in my view, it is naive to ignore the power of hierarchy. Have you heard the phrase "transcend and include" from Ken Wilber? A new organizational system, should, in my opinion, transcend an include that which came before it -- including the *benefits* of the power/status hierarchy. Evan
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Be sure to check out Instapaper too. While you're at your desk you can grab any webpage and "read later". Then you fire up the ipad app and it gives you a nice clean consistent interface for reading all those pages you flagged to "read later".
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on How the iPad Changed My Life at Get Me Jamie Notter
I too agree. I've thought about this in the political realm. The claims that the internet will lead to improve democracy are tenuous at best. What we've seen is that the internet has helped political groups tighten and fight hard against one another. Very little real change indeed. I expect the same will likely be true within businesses.
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Jul 12, 2010